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Jul 20, 2021 at 6:12 PM
May 4, 2010
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East London

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Jul 20, 2021 at 6:12 PM
    1. VeeVee
      Hello, I just read one of your old posts where you mention that you used house sitters? I've just posted an ad on housittersuk.co.uk and would welcome some recommendations from you if you have any. I am also in London (SW). Thanks!
    2. huckybuck
      I've meant to do this for ages but I wanted to send you my support over the odd incident involving your very kind offer of help to a new member on this forum. I have no idea what happened but can only assume it was very upsetting for you. I have no idea why she took exception and became utterly paranoid. It was a strange one!
      Anyway hopefully you haven't given it another thought!! xxx
    3. huckybuck
      Aww thank you!! I'll be fine - just got a bit fed up as I usually enjoy being a part of PF so much xx
    4. Mirx3
      Hi, I was just going back through "Jowlicious" thread and seen what you wrote about Paddy and his picture. Would it be strange to ask what he was like? Just so intrigued by him, really makes me wonder how a like they could be haha.
    5. buffie
      Hi PP's Meeko says thankyou for still being on the lookout for "mousey" but sadly that isn't him/her :(
      He has a pet stages "mousey" but it just doesn't do whatever it is that "mousey" does :rolleyes:
      If I didn't have the evidence here in the last remaining "mousey" I would start to think I had imagined the whole thing :rolleyes: x
    6. littlebutterflygb
      Thank you for the meds Claire, which arrived today. I have stopped feeding her the prescription muck, as you rightly call it! We are back on my homemade chicken and rice, but Ive added carrot now for some roughage. Ive also sent for some low phosphorous food, so,lets see how that goes down or not! Best wishes, angela
    7. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Thanks for the green square. :) xxx
    8. missye87
      Oh really, slightly boisterous kitties then? Foster failure 101 it sounds like, not necessarily a bad thing though! Glad to hear Murphy has perked up a bit. He is a very handsome fellow! All paws crossed here that he sticks around as a happy healthy boy. There are Maine Coons that need rescuing too. On the Maine Coon addicts anonymous group there is quite a few who have rescued ill and mistreated MC's so doesn't necessarily mean it can't happen! :)
    9. missye87
      I'm great thanks! The boys are amazing, Storm is my teddybear and Benji a big 8.5 kg lump of a mummy's boy. We have also had a third girl join the family in the last few months, another MC calles Cleo (CC!).
      I've done a quick update but noticed the photos didn't upload so will chuck some photos up later on the thread of all three of them. How are you?? Jow are the two litle white ones? What is wrong with him, is it Murphy? Xx
    10. missye87
      Long time no speak, how are you? X
    11. buffie
      Morning....I think this forum has a mind of its own ;).
      Not sure what is going on with Meeko,if it wasn't for the u/s I wouldn't have known anything was wrong at all..He has never pee'd a lot and his habits have not changed so god only knows what is happening,but of course now I'm paranoid about him blocking :eek:
      I wish I'd had access to the diabetic forum when Puss was around,she did live for 7 years after diagnosis but maybe I could have managed her condition better with expert help.
    12. buffie
      Hi PP's.Meeko has just had a u/s sample result and has blood/protein in again.No clinical sign of cystitis or in fact any thing wrong at all in that dept.
      I was going to buy some Multi-Test sticks but cant find any "animal specific" ones.have you any idea whether they are the same as those used by humans.I know that the Keto-diastix are the same as I used them for Puss.I put a thread in the health section but no replies as yet and would really like to order soon if they are the same ,Thanks in anticipation that you know the answer ;) :D
    13. Little Zooey
      Little Zooey
      Spare hour or so... that's my biggest problem! :)
    14. Little Zooey
      Little Zooey
      Hi Claire! Apologies for not thanking you sooner, but with nearly 40 animals, I don't get a lot of time to look around in here. It's very kind of you to offer the group, but our Cinders was diagnosed over eight years ago. We are a multi-cat household, so there isn't much we can do food wise. I do blood test at home though and we've never had a problem with a hypo. The only problem I have are the occasional shifts in the test results and then we have to play catch up for a while. I'm going through that at the moment, but she can test well (and by that I mean around 5) for weeks at a time :)
    15. Stardigrade
      Bah- bit of a delay xD Thank you for the heads-up about Mobile Pet Foods. They did not take to the raw at all, but I'd like to try one last time before giving up.
    16. Stardigrade
      Hey! Would it be possible to purchase a small amount of raw food off you as a one-off? I'd like to try my elderly cat with raw again, but no local suppliers of Nutriment in my area and I dont want to order 5kg xD
    17. Stardigrade
      Many thanks again for the catfood - they were pretty bewildered when I put it under their nose. Mog with kidney problems didn't take to it at all! I tried mixing it with her normal food, but she wasn't having it. Have you ever had such trouble?

      My order of Miamor came today, it doesn't list phosphorus content at all on the label so would that mean it's trace? I may just put her on the phosphorus binder now, she's getting so light.
    18. Stardigrade
      Oops, hopefully this is on your wall -_-

      I have a stinking cold so I'm gonna send my mate John to pick it up for me!
      Thank you again, I'll let you know how they get on!
    19. Stardigrade
      Fantastic, I'm not far away at all. What would be a good day/time for you?
    20. Stardigrade
      Hello! I saw your message on the forum. Yes I am located in East London, is there any way to PM you as I would be interested in samples! :)
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