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May 9, 2009
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May 13

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PetForums VIP, from Cumbria

    1. danielled
      How are you.
    2. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      So far so good, Thank you no wanting to eat grass and make herself sick today, and has ate all her food, even to the point of getting quite excited about it. Ive still got her on chicken and rice vet said keep her on it for a couple of more days then reintroduce her normal food again gradually, Ive also given her three smaller meals today instead of her normal two. so so far so good
    3. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you so much for replying. I knew the basics and about repeated or bad bouts damaging the pancrease, low fat food etc, but frightened myself when I really went into detail about all the other possible complications. It was Nanuq the youngest, already being hypothyroid the genetic one and coming from an RSPCA litter that were all sickly and have had serious problems I was so worried. Good news pancreatitis test was negative and all the other bloods were OK too. Thankkyou so much for replying.
    4. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Please can you tell me of your experiences of Pancreatitis, Nans been to the emergency vets tonight, had blood taken for full blood tests plus a pancreatitis test and they are ringing me in the morning. Ive now scared my self witless going right into it and although I knew the basics its not as straightforward as I thought so any advice would be greatfull.
    5. Flamingoes
      sweet dreams, 00-Jules xxxxxxx
    6. Flamingoes
      REALLY good at the min, jules but I can never say never can I :o and i know that now :o

      Started a massage course tonight and I loved it but god I'm shattered :o

      Love you henny xxxxxx
    7. Flamingoes
      You still up tit head? xxxxxx
    8. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thanks for having a look, these did have a bug at new year, but the EBTs has been going on much longer then these did, Nan had to go to the vets by after some shots was much better the next day.
    9. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
    10. Flamingoes
      lmfao well I can't blame them :lol:

      I wouldn't get on the wrong side of that tongue, especially if it's had the GIN :lol: :yikes: :lol: :001_wub: xxxxxx
    11. Flamingoes
      This homophobic thread :mad2: doing my head in.

      Why does it even matter to anyone in this day and age? I don't get it Jules :mad2: xxxxxx
    12. Flamingoes
      Right going to google that now henny, thanks angel xxxxxx
    13. Flamingoes
      I don't really like it :o

      I mean; quorn is PACKED with protein; it's just working out how I can incorporate that into all my fruit and veg before I get full :lol:

      I asked about a supplement at the docs yesterday and asked if I could take ANYTHING to help my hair grow but they said :frown2:

      I'm going to read up a bit more about nuts and seeds because I can add those easily plus I really do like them :yesnod:
    14. Flamingoes
      Ugh; see my post on Sleeping_lions wall just :o

      Love ya xxxxxx
    15. Flamingoes
      Ello tit nose.

      Aye it's a bit heavy going :yikes:

    16. Flamingoes
      Aye I know that hen, she hasn't got a bad bone in her body, she just gets annoyed with worry like my dad does and I can't handle it too well :o

      Hence my mum and you :p the only two people given full permission to mother me :lol:
    17. Flamingoes
      Still staying with him from last time I b*ggered up :lol:

      Thankfully though the doctors reassured me I wont have all the withdrawal symptoms and such.

      N annoyed me on the phone though; I phoned her last night and told her the whole story because I need to be more honest and she accused me of being drunk and put the phone down *sigh*
    18. Flamingoes
      Ugh god knows :lol:

      It's doing my head in though Jules :(

      I want it gone from my life and never to return :nonod:

      The more you go on about it the more people think you're trying to do it to lie to them type thing. I hate it, I hate the whole mess of it.

      Got to say though, never worry about you mentioning it like you do or anything; my only trigger points are myself so dunna fret lass :p
    19. Flamingoes
      How come you're still allowed to say fanny and I'm not allowed to say t**** :lol: and my dad picked it up this morning so yes :D

      Ugh I've been an idiot though, Jules. Went on a three day alcohol binge and just been at the docs because I can't stop vomiting :mad2: He says it's partly that my stomach is inflamed but also nerves; it IS weird...I sat in the doctors surgery half an hour and then nipped into Asda for my dad and I wasn't sick or even nauseous.

      Second I got back in the car or came back in here I've been heaving my guts up :lol:

      Every time I swear it'll be the last and then I end up doing it again.

      I've just spoke to the AA woman and she said if I can identify a trigger point it would help but I can never think of one :nonod: I just get so, so bored and lonely and end up with it in my hand :mad2:
    20. Flamingoes
      You're welcome, **** bag :lol: xxxxxx

      LMAO that was meant to be t wat :lol:

      It came up in stars and now it looks like it was something awful :yikes: :yikes: xxxxxx
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    May 13


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