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Aug 6, 2015
Aug 30, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia

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PetForums VIP, from Melbourne, Australia

ozrex was last seen:
Aug 6, 2015
    1. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    2. Jobeth
      Thanks for the rep x
    3. Blackcats
      Thank you for the rep.x
    4. Dogless
      Can't reply to your PM you have exceeded your max quota apparently! x
    5. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, I know how bad you feel when dealing with these silly fears. In a way it's helped me too because now I know I'm not the only one beating myself up about letting my dog down. Hope it helps the OP. :)
    6. springerpete
      Hi Alison,just back in from walking the dogs....Just heard the result...Bugger, sounded like a tight game I'm sorry I missed it. It's all down to the wire now.
      Cheers flower. Pete.
    7. CharleyRogan
      That would be great! Not sure yet, not long. Need to save money and book flights for Thailand! Got a job lecturing nurses in basic maths, $60 an hour, got 4 hours work lined up! So some pocket money, and need to just save!
    8. CharleyRogan
      Coming back to Melbourne on 2nd October if you wanna meet up or something? I'm gonna go on to thailand afterwards, then to Malta then back home!
    9. leashedForLife
      hey, Alison! :)
      i'm house-hunting for a shared apt / house in Watertown, Mass -
      very bummed my telephone-campaign job died, but not utterly
      disheartened. Thanks for the encouraging words, it does help.

      i think i may do some dog-walking, for the odd bit of cash.
      i really do need some income; they paid me for 4-hours, oof! :nonod:
    10. Ingrid25
      haha thanks!!:)
      Its nice to have some Aussie faces around here!!!!
      How are you and the dogs this freezing cold day? How much has the weather turned around!?
    11. Ingrid25
      Hi ozrex:)
      Because I know you live in Melbourne, do you know of any good kennels? We aren't going away any time soon but I'd like to have one organised:):):)
    12. Ingrid25
      hi there!!! I just relised, your an aussie too:D:D:D
      Its nice to have a couple more around! :p
    13. springerpete
      Dont be daft, she makes a cake big enough to feed a small troop of soldiers, come from being brought up in a large Italian family, she still thinks she's cooking for a dozen.
      Peter Fisher. 10 Tregennis Hill. Pembroke Dock. Dyfed. SA72 6NN
    14. springerpete
      Hi Alison. Re. cake. Roie will see you get some, might be after Christmas though, but trust me, there's enough booze being pumped into it to ensure it keeps.
      Cheers. Pete.
    15. springerpete
      Hi Alison. Cheers we're all well. Yes, Thursday next he makes his debut. I'm looking forward to it with feellings of anticipation and not a little trepidation....
      Hope you guys are keeping good. Speak soon. Pete..
    16. redginald
      Hi, cheers. Not looking great rescues can't help, still undecided on what to do. Very difficult
    17. springerpete
      9.30 A.m Sunday.
      Morning Alison, just a quick hello before taking the boys out. Bloody awful morning, grey, cold and damp, I'd kill for a bright frosty morning.
      That Bledisloecup sounds a bit like our Six Nations championship, great rivalry between the teams, but none like that beween us and the English.
      Catch up later.. Pete.
    18. househens
      many weaned earlier ( Much cheaper) Seeing Patsy,her devoton to Groi, always slept touching, until he was huge - may still, no longer sleep close to house. Devoted mother. Fed her every morning, starving & living next door. Her lambs almost always to slaughter. She fed them well, tho always hungry. Finally bought her, no teeth, pregnant, here, good feed & getting horse mix, daily. Groi was HuGE It was a hard birth. Only realised, later. She gave birth, of course, on a freezing wet, windy day, Put a small dog coat on him, which HORRIFIED her. He grew up with a tartan coat. Was wearing coats 2 month olds wore, 1st thing. She well fed, had lots of milk. He ended up huge She was still feeding him when he was well over 6" taller, He had to lie down, tilt his head, to drink. She still will run, stand in front of him, if she thinks he is in trouble. He will let his little mother risk herself, hide behind her, He'll steal her food. Doen't matter species, males still ARSES.
    19. househens
      Bubba is now a rottie size, still demands bottles. Had a 5 minute face massage after his 2nd bottle this morning. Had some vitality horse mix, and followed me as I did the washing, and nibbled my leg, gently. He likes to put his head on my knee, and have his face stroked.
    20. springerpete
      Alison my friend, how are you this evening. ( well it's evening here, not sure what time it is in Oz.) All is well, providing you discount the bloody fireworks, it's like W.W.3 out there tonight. In fairness the dogs aren't frightened of them but I think, because they've been brought up to respond to gunfire they expect to be 'Sent' for something so they wont settle. As Rose is in work tonight they've been allowed the special treat of sitting in the living room, something that they regard as a great pleasure.
      Haven't heard about the cup you refered to, we dont get that kind of info over here, my concern now is that your lot, if they've had a drubbing, may feel that they have something to prove when we meet them in a few weeks. Still, being a fervant Welshman I dont care, as long as we beat the English.
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    Melbourne, Australia
    I live in Melbourne. I have two sons aged nineteen and sixteen.
    My partner and I have five dogs. In the city I have a roughly five year-old GSD x Border Collie dog and a three year-old labrador x poodle bitch. On my partner's farm we have a five year-old Kelpie, a three year-old Kelpie x and a 5 month-old heeler.

    Dog obedience.
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