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Mar 7, 2012
Nov 6, 2008
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Mar 7, 2012
    1. AlisonLyn
      ooh I will give that a try. Going shopping in a bit so will pick some up, can't promise they will be complicated ones but certainly worth a fiddle. Thanks
    2. danielled
      I'll deffo get a useful carer.
    3. danielled
      Well carer turned up despite a voice message. Sister sent her away.
    4. jessiegirl
      bristols got its bad spots like st pauls , i lived in a nicer area tho. wsm is ok got the beach =) but im on a council estate ,its not too bad tho , was bicester getting a bowling complex? which bit do u live in? i grew up on churchill rd =) lol i know alot of roads in bic as i was a postie there =)
    5. jessiegirl
      lol i moved to bristol, then weston s mare
    6. jessiegirl
      hahaha dont forget all the japenese tourists that flock to bicester village every saturday !
    7. jessiegirl
      i moved out of there in 2005. soon after my family moved out too, apparently its becoming a right hell hole =/
    8. jessiegirl
      hi are you from bicester then? lol i grew up there =)
    9. Waterlily
      hope your ok xxxx
    10. xxwelshcrazyxx
      ok will pm you now, lololol
    11. Erzs
      I think the thread got locked right before I was about to reply to you. I wasn't targetting any one individual person with my reply. Sorry if it appeared that way. =]
    12. bigdaddy
      if you would like the link i will pm it to you but please be warned it is very very very graphic
    13. metame
      its really weird, i was just thinking that i hadnt seen you around in a while and then saw a post by you in small animal chat... please dont go :(

      hope you are ok though
    14. owieprone
      cah be fekkin ersed wi the unts ony mair

      cheers, abdy else.
    15. thedogsmother
    16. GoldenShadow
      Hi, I was wondering if you think the likes of Parkers online is quite accurate for car valuations or not? It only values my car as £200 more than We Buy Any Car .com! Hope you're having a good week, know you understand all this stuff a bit..! x
    17. Waterlily
    18. westie~ma
      Hello you, long time no speak, how the devil are you?

      What's the matter with your eyes? :confused: :)

      My memory escapes me as to exactly when the transformation happened, think it was just before Christmas last year. don't think of myself as elite though, just someone who got given a banning button :D
    19. GoldenShadow
      Thanks very much :) Think I will look at selling it as a 6 YO preferably maybe an 8 year old if need be. Thanks so much for your knowledge, you've been really helpful! No garage at the house we are meant to be moving too but it will be on a driveway which is better than a road at least! Hope you have a nice evening :)
    20. GoldenShadow
      Mine was originally advertised by Peter Stockhill in Hull for £5990 but I gather they had little interest because its only a 1.2 but usually out of budget for new drivers at the price it was. Mine is the Chill model so has air con etc which I don't think the Reference ones do or not the earlier ones from mine's era. Hard to know how the Chill is difference, to be honest I've not seen many anywhere to even know what the real difference is. I'm hoping when I do come to sell it with it being more in budget to newer drivers re the lower price tag I might not have too many problems selling it, I hope! Most do prefer the 1.4 Ibizas I think though.
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    This is not a game of 'who the fek are you'.

    Not a single gram of fek shall be given today.
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