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Oscars mam
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Nov 1, 2017
Aug 22, 2011
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West Yorks England

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Oscars mam

PetForums VIP, from West Yorks England

Oscars mam was last seen:
Nov 1, 2017
    1. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      oh i thought i'd tell you what worked for me cause i did the intro with kami and tilly but messed up with keiko.
      i brought the cat in but i would make sure oscar isn't waiting at the door when you bring her back cause i did that and dex got the shock of his life lol and put her down in the carrier and let them oscar sniff her while she is inside. After that i let her sniff the room alone to begin with and she will probably find a hide spot she likes lol after that i allowed them to come in but i actually put the cats on their lead and that worked really well.
    2. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      exactly i put tilly in the lounge at night with the door closed for the first two nights but that was just to make sure the kittens didn't drive her crazy lol now she likes to sleep in the kitchen bless her and will be in mine tonight and some horrible people suggest those electric collars :yikes: i hate these people seriously
    3. raggie doll
    4. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      LOL yeah Tilly has her banner now hehe
      And don't worry i know what you mean when i did it with dex and schumy it had been so long since i had done it b4 i forgot everything lol but i didn't want to follow the intros rigidly cause they are like lock them in a room for a week omg no way lol
    5. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      oh and i did a thank you thread for Pheebus for doing all our banners
    6. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      hey hun try not to worry too much about intro there WILL be a few days of sulking growling and maybe hissing but then they are all cute together, i have done this 4 times now so just let me know if you wanna chat or need help it gets easier with schumy and kami i was so worried cause schumy is a sulker and kept hissing at her then 4 days (that is schumy's sulking period) later they are best pals now they are joined at the hip.
    7. Ingrid25
      hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you all?
    8. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      thats alright but they limit them and you can't just give them to the same people all the time
    9. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      ok when your reading post to the top left of that post is a litre sign in the middle of permalink and another click on it and it will appear and you put in what you want it to say
    10. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      signature looks really brill
    11. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      LOL I'm not telling him that otherwise that will mean he's right again :D
    12. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      LOL you really would get the closest thing to a lion with a Maine Coon! It is one of the many many reasons I picked them. Ragdolls were the other choice as they are really large cats too. Jaffe is all ears, paws and tail at the moment but once he grows into himself I think he will be very handsome indeed. My OH already thinks he is the prettiest cat he has ever seen :D
    13. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Aww thank you! I don't think he will be as big as the ones on Amins thread but he will definitely be BIG! :D If Oscar allows it I highly recommend the breed despite how naughty Jaffe can be ;)
    14. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Yup he sure is! XX
    15. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      yeah the kittens do that snaking around the older boys its just a no go area lol. But i may try those harnesses for the kittens when their bigger if they want to smell fresh air lol
    16. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      haahaha yeah i have that problem they are like get it off me woman!!!!!! Dex won't tolerate it he just won't he roles over and un hooks it lol
    17. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      we're good my browser froze on me and didn't even realise lol cats have done lots of sleeping today with their dex lol I'm waiting for maine time to happen
    18. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      lol i spent an hour showing my flat mate the oscar appreciation society she is now in love with oscar such a famous kitty
    19. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      aren't they always :lol:
      Got news that my foster cat will be coming soon :D I will be posting lots of pics hehe
    20. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      hey i have had sooo much fun on the oscar appreciation page lol
      How is the little baby doing tonight
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    West Yorks England
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