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Oscars mam
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Nov 1, 2017
Aug 22, 2011
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West Yorks England

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Oscars mam

PetForums VIP, from West Yorks England

Oscars mam was last seen:
Nov 1, 2017
    1. welshjet
      Hiya, hope furbies are good and enjoying being outside in their amazing run, have been looking through thread for some ideas, yours looks fab, hope you dont mind me being nosey, with the tunnel tubey, do they use it at all - where did you get it? How are you and the furbies getting on with the artificial grass, OH has said about grass when we do ours, but he was thinking about putting some turf in one part of the raised border thats it going to be in that area. With your shrubs/plants that you have in behind the small wall, they look fab and make it look really nice and 'outside' any pointers as to what they are ????

      Hope im not too nosey x
    2. Jenny1966
      Well done on the caption :)
    3. jill3
      Yes it can be treated. The Flagyl he's having at the moment is for the Gardia. Then he will have to have special pills for the Trit...... On the forum there is a lady with 2 BSH kitties who have it and the pills cost her £240 to treat them both for a 2 week course.
      He's been helping me in the garden today and also chasing Chloe round the garden too.
      Hows your lovely pair?
    4. jill3
      He is getting on very well. Chloe loves him! She is playing with him and last week she started to wash him. The poor little Boy has had the runs since we have had him and so we have had a poo test done and it shows 3 problems Gardia, Tritrichomonas Foetus and the Corona virus. My heart sank! The vet has put him on Flagyl for 2 weeks then he has to have another poo test. The main thing he is eating and growing well. He is full of beans and his coat is good and his eyes are bright.
      I have rang the breeder up and she very upset and is going to see the vet about her cats.
    5. Oscars mam
      Oscars mam
      Aw they sound like they're doing brilliant xxx
    6. jill3
      No pics yet will post some tomorrow. He is just showing Chloe what a lovely tail he has.
      They are now playing hide and seek, so don't want to desturb them. x
    7. jill3
      Just to let you know that i have got our little British Lilac, George. He passed the health check. He is very cute. Chloe was a bit frightened so We have been swapping them round in different rooms and last night they met each other. He was on a harness on my knee. No hissing or grumbling.
    8. MoggyBaby
      You are MORE than welcome hun!!:D

      Your two babies are just yummy. :001_tt1:
    9. Ingrid25
      ooooooooh cool! we had a boat but it conked out on us..... :p!!!!!!
    10. Ingrid25
      hi:) how r u and rosie and oscar today?
    11. Chewie39
      Did you get aother Modkat? I'm still waiting for mine - payday perhaps! x
    12. spid
      No problem! Glad you've saved so much money!
    13. MoggyBaby
      I did mention it babes - you're not losing your marbles - but I had gotten it from Spid so I was passing the credit back to who I felt it genuinely belonged to. :)
    14. MoggyBaby
      Hey hun, I'm afraid I can't take the credit as it was the lovely Spid who previously mentioned it and I followed up the link that she had put up. So she really deserves your thanks. :)

      But really glad that you have already saved such a wedge of cash. Just one wee thing that I didn't realise until AFTER I had spent about £200 at Christmas - Amazon doesn't give cashback so, if I am ordering from them, I go through easyfundraising as they DO give a charity contribution. ;)

    15. AmberNero
      ...that...is...AMAZING! What a fantastic run!
    16. AmberNero
      Thank you, I'll have a look! I loved Oscars story, made me smile and cry at the same time, he sounds really special :) xx
    17. AmberNero
      Hello there, I was thinking about the photo of Oscar you posted on the inspirational stories thread- of him when he was all better and looking very handsome! Was he in an outside cat run? Because it looks amazing! Do you have any more photo's of the run? (and of Oscar, he is a very handsome chap, after all!) :D
    18. bluepersianlover
      Hi oscars mam i am from sheffield. how about u? a fellow yorkshire lass.
    19. MoggyBaby
      Yabba-dabba-doo!!!!!! :w00t:

      Result! Happy saving. :D
    20. kinley
      she's doing good thanks, been a bit of a whirlwind whilst my daughters been off school, will do some updates soon hun xxx
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    West Yorks England
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