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Oscars mam
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Nov 1, 2017
Aug 22, 2011
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West Yorks England

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Oscars mam

PetForums VIP, from West Yorks England

Oscars mam was last seen:
Nov 1, 2017
    1. shaw
      hey hun
      just wondering how much it is roughly for your hubby to build us a custom built cat run please? we're near castleford. can you please email me at sarahe.shaw@outlook.com as im not sure i will get the reply on here :)
      many thanks
      sarah x
    2. oliviarussian
      Nice to see you around... Oscar and Rosie are looking gorgeous as ever!
    3. Toby Tyler
      Toby Tyler
      :biggrin5: Wish I could rep you two times in a row. Oh how true right down to the lower case and lol. :D
    4. piglet2003
      Hi Oscars mam she is getting there going to be a very slow road I think. I am so worried as she has good days and then bad days when she will only nibble her food and is really grumpy with me. Today she has only wanted to lay in her bed and not move I think she really hates the cage rest. Some days she will try and walk on her leg but other days she just walks on 3 legs, she is back at the vets on Feb 15th for Xrays to see how she is doing xx
    5. ShelybellyandTeamC
      This is going to sound so silly but I just realised you have a Blue boy and Ginger girl and Iv got a Blue girl and Ginger boy!! they where all made for each other lol
    6. Citrineblue
      Thank you for your birthday message for Harvey, by the way I love your Facebook page for Oscar!! My two take up a lot of space on mine so they probably should have one too!! Oh and isn't Maria (Mynwood) a great find, we just got another jacket and it is a perfect fit. Thank you.
    7. rose
      Thank you, just so glad the story had a happy ending, thanks to Catcoonz. I wouldnt have been that brave!
    8. catcoonz
      thankyou so much, i only done what many others would have done but as i was closer it worked out better. xx
    9. lymorelynn
      Oops - I'll sort if for you :-)
    10. marianewbengalowner
      hi lovey, its maria from mynwood cat jackets. Just seen your lovely comments and photos of oscar and rosie in my jackets. Im really greatful thankyou so much, plus i hope you dont mind but ive copied one of the pictures for the website and added it just now
    11. cuddlesmycat
    12. MoggyBaby
      Thank you so much for my rep OM, you are very sweet and kind. :)
    13. vivien
      I have tried I think I will have to practice I put a couple on Facebook but even that didn't go right it ended up on my timeline and not the news page :rolleyes: never mind I will keep trying or go back to the lappy :D. Thanks for trying to help a lost cause lol. Btw are you going to the supreme? I will be all being well x
    14. vivien
      Hi oscars mam I take all the pics off my iPhone and put them on the lappy then put them on the forum from there I have tried to get them off the iPad but no joy. I will try what you vmed me and see how I am going but you are talking to an old fogey here lol x
    15. Citrineblue
      Thank you for your like, I'm new and working out how the forum works.
    16. Jiskefet
      We had been in York before, but we had a great time again. Our hotel was right on the Ouse, which was very high, though not nearly as high as last week. When we were there the street our hotel was on was still dry, but now there was water on the ground floor of the hotel. NOW I understand why their reception is half a floor up.....
    17. Jiskefet
      We came in June. We had a few days in Ilkley, 2 nights in the Double Tree Hotel in Leeds, and then on to Whitby. The last 2 days we were in York.
      Whitby was really lovely, and we had some nice weather, too. The one really rainy day, we took the steam train.
    18. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Okish is a good start considering sweetie. Nice to see you over here :) I'm okish to life is pretty sucky at the moment. At least we have our furbabies and OH to keep us strong and plodding on. xxx
    19. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Hey lovely lady I've been thinking about you, how you doing? xxx
    20. jill3
      Hiya just send a request to join your Oscar's appreciation society.
      I am the Lady that has Archie the British Lilac Boy. He's 8 months old now and wants to show his pictures off. LOL
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    West Yorks England
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