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Feb 6, 2013
Jun 3, 2009
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August 27
The Wired

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Feb 6, 2013
    1. Changes
      Kayleigh hun not heard from you in a while - hope everything is ok x x
    2. Changes
    3. Changes
      Happy Birthday Lovely Girl x x x
    4. Changes
      Wow! I wrote you out a massive reply and my computer crashed so I lost it all lol

      The jist of my message was basically ....


      You are doing an amazing job with Motley Kayleigh x

      I can't wait to see him - when are you coming to Porth?

      Lots of love and smiles to you all x x x x
    5. Changes
      Hi Kayleigh :)

      I am so pleased that Motley enjoyed the group and made friends with a pretty girl :) I am sure you will see the benefits of taking him somewhere that he has to use his mind really quickly x

      Thank you so much for the update hun you are always in our thoughts x x

      Hope to see you all soon

      Mel x
    6. Changes
      Hi Kayleigh :)

      It is so good to know that Motley loved going for a walk, I would stick to 15 mins a day for now and increase it a minute or two each week until he is going for 20 mins if you know what I mean lol - I find that Tyler can get tired out in five minutes running in the garden without going for his walk as well :) just take things easy and you will find that you will be avoiding problems in the future - it is great when they are so enthusiastic and it is easy in the beginning to not want to rein them in a little :) x if you break the walks up in to segments like 10 mins in the morning and 5 in the evening for now and increase it as the weeks go by x x x chat soon Mel x x - :)
    7. Changes
      Hi Kayleigh :) I was thinking about you this morning and little Motley x I am so pleased to know that all is going well and that he is still keeping you busy lol, I started doing my own training routine with Tyler and it seems to be going really well, we are not going to start classed until the 17th of August I am hoping he will be settled and pretty good by then lol (here's hoping)

      I am so glad that Motley is climbing the stairs :) he was the first to do that here (with carpet) I was still carring Ty up and down two weeks ago lol but he can manage them now thank fully as he weights a tonne :)

      Thanks again for the update Kayleigh - hope to see you soon

      Lots of love Mel x x
    8. Changes
      Thank you so much Kayleigh x he looks awesome and full of fun and mischeif like a good pup should lol x keep the updates coming I love seeing him growing up it makes me feel like I am still part of his life x x x lots of love now x x
    9. kath123
      He is so adorable, and looks like he has so much energy. lol xxx
    10. kath123
      oh my god!! Motley is just the cutest of dogs, just watched your video with the dish. How funny, xx What breed is he? xxx
    11. Changes
      I am so happy right now :) I love the pictures Kayleigh x happiest granny in the world x
    12. crazycrest
      Hey you're welcome, I just wanted to help Mel put her pups in the right homes & I know that I did that with you. I am really pleased for you all...hugs right back xxx
    13. crazycrest
      Hey Kayleigh...I came on to your profile & found your pics...they are fantastic!
      Look's like Motley/Dante has settled in really well with you & Jed & Skye!
      I wish you a long & happy life together x x x
    14. Changes
      The pictures are beautiful Kayleigh x I am so proud and so pleased that he has settled in so well :) he is so missed it has been difficult to reply lol
    15. Changes
      Thank you so much Kayleigh,I am so pleased he has settled in with you he really is a very sociable little boy, I can't wait to see some photos and a video would be great, your mum was saying that he runs to you if he gets worried x that is lovely :) x we are missing him madly x x lots of love sweetheart and looking forward to seeing you soon x


      What have you called him? x
    16. GoldenShadow
      Wow, my boyfriend's parents have sugar gliders, not even on the internet have I come across anyone else who even knows somebody with them! Where we are, there are none how are registered with a vet, so the vet had to get some books out and learn how to castrate George when the time came! How old/what are the names of yours? My boyfriend's Mum's are called George and Millie, just under 2 years I think now :)
    17. Changes
      Hi sweetie :) Your baby is going to be one of the most adored puppies ever lol x

      I will also be giving you his favourite teddy who is called bear lol

      Can't wait to see you soon x x
    18. Changes
      He can stay with us until you are ready for him :D he is beautiful and will be soooo missed but I was telling the children that you were going to bring him to Porth in the summer and they were really happy :D x will message you when the new pictures are up x x many smiles x
    19. Changes
      Hello sweetie :) just to let you know that puppies are the hardest job on the planet lol there are 7 dogs here in my tiny house plus all my daughters belongings there isn't enough room to swing a cat - which is probably lucky for the cat lol x

      Your baby has grown so much since you last saw him, I am going to ask Lottie to take some pictures as soon as she is free :) x

      Your baby will be 8 weeks on the 6th of July and if you want to I am happy for you to have him any time after that date, he is fully weaned now and is eating really well, his coat is shiny and his eyes are bright - they are a very strange greeny blue :) x

      He is coming to a noise every time now and will sit for food x I haven't givin him any verbal commands as I didn't want to confuse him as you might use different words x

      Many smiles to you and your family x x x call me if you need anything

      Mel x x
    20. crazycrest
      Wishing you all the best for tomorrow x
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