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Jan 29, 2014
Dec 12, 2009
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I work in a financial services company as an accou

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PetForums Senior, from Ireland

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Jan 29, 2014
    1. sarybeagle
      Yeah my son is 11 and def hitting the teen age. Im considering looking into training classes again for extra help and socialising her too. Its the nipping when told no :( this is the first issue ive had with her really and its knocked my confidence. Think im just over worrying about it xx
    2. sarybeagle
      Aaawww bless him. Shes in a real i'll do what i want to do in my own way mood today! Its like all training has gone out her head- its too early for teenage phase isnt it :/
    3. sarybeagle
      Aww thank you :) she's being a real madam today! :( xx
    4. Gobaith
      Hello just reading a thread you commented in and couldnt help but notice how gorgeous that picture of your doggy in the snow is!! :) lol
      Chloe x
    5. kitt x
      kitt x
      Bless him x

      Mist is a border collie and came from a farm in wales her parents are both working dogs and i know she was kept in a shed withthe other pups about 6-8 of them x When we got her the famer said to not be too kind to her as she is used to the cold x Poor thing wouldn't come out of her box for food or water for a day x I think human contact was lmited x
    6. kitt x
      kitt x
      Oh thats good that he got hisa confidence x We still get a few accidents but surprising its only when we lock her in the kitch while we are putting the little one to bed or when we eat lol Every other time she is great and goes out xx I bet he really keeps you on your toes x Mist is still very timid and i think she will remain like this for a while i can see that she has been affected by her previous home as when you reach out to offer food or affection she flinches and cowers to the floor x the only one she is not scared of is my daughter who is 2 so they must have a sixth sence thing going on x
    7. kitt x
      kitt x
      I hope nest time olly isn't too scared and car sick for you and for him poor wee mite xx

      He is cute and looks like butter couldn't melt ;)

      Will be puppy training together so hoping we can help each other out xx
    8. Terrier Fan
      Terrier Fan
      Thank You :)

      Your puppy is Gorgeous, he look like he keeps you on your toes.
    9. westie~ma
      LOL bless him. My chap was sleeping by my feet until my daughter took him for a cuddle, just now LOL
    10. westie~ma
      I love your avatar piccy, just seen it now xx
    11. westie~ma
      Oh yes, one westie is more than enough for me LOL. My chap is a cheeky monkey as well, I think that's mandatory for this breed LOL. They are funny little dogs aren't they?

      I love my Monty to bits and he comes everywhere with me and most of the time he is well behaved LOL.
    12. westie~ma
      I've seen a few westies with curly coats. I suppose you'll have a better idea once you start cutting his coat, the shape of his head and where his ears are atm looks a westie through and through. He is gorgeous whatever he becomes, bet he's really cheeky too!! LOL
    13. westie~ma
      Awww Olly is a cutie!!

      He looks quite westie-ish in your pic, gorgeous.
    14. WhiteKatLuva
      Hello! Im WhiteKatLuva, youngest member here, and i love to make new friends!! Here is the petforums, commonly known as PF. To reply to mssgs, just go into that users profile and post a mssg back. The forums have everything, from general chat, chat outside of pets to rainbow bridge, a place where we honor our dead pets. Here you get heaps of advice and everyones really nice! If you want to be friends, just mssg me and if u need help, mssg me! :)
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    I work in a financial services company as an accou
    Proud new mammy to Weechon pup Olly, who was born 20th August 2009. First time puppy owner so it's all new to me!
    I am currently single after my ex-fiance ended with me in Oct 09. Living back home until I decide what to do next!
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