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Old Shep
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Aug 10, 2015
Oct 17, 2010
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Old Shep

PetForums VIP, from In a galaxy far, far away.

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Aug 10, 2015
    1. Old Shep
      Old Shep
      I have 2 and that's enough for me! The old one (Shep) is riddled with arthritis and lives on Metacam and the younger one is a headcase! A loveable one, though. I shall try to make an album. Don't hold your breath, though!
    2. alaun
      Thanks for your lovely comments. The one you're in love with is our Little Lottie. She's exactly what we were hoping for from that litter. She's really loving bless her and she's one who likes to sleep on top of the wolfie!

      How many BCs have you got? You need to make an album Xx
    3. alaun
      You should be able to see albums now - I think I had it set to friends only
    4. alaun
      Yes that's Nuala our red and white - in my albums are some pics of her pups Lottie and Taz. My hubby has worked Nuala and intends to have a go with Lottie. Taz is the one with a strong will so we not sure abou her, might give agility a go with her though.

      They are very energetic dogs but very clever too - I think alot of people think setters are thick...they just choose which things they want to do or not lol.
    5. alaun
      yey well done you did it. :D:D :thumbup:

      Yes I have red and white setters - 3 of them and a nice sedate wolfhound to balance things out lol.

      Its a very pretty dog you have there. I'm foever getting asked what sort of spaniel I have lol. :D
    6. Old Shep
      Old Shep
      I've not used this facility before and I'd be pretty amazed if this gets to you, alaun, as I'm just guessing how to use it.
      My avatar is actually a brittany, but it does look a bit like a red and white setter, doesn't it? I think there is a lot of setter and pointer in them. They were actually originally called brittany spaniels, but they really are not spaniel, apparently. Do you have red and white setters? I saw some at a gundog show in Edinburgh last month and they were simply stunning!!
    7. alaun
      hi old shep

      What type of dog is that in your avatar? I haven't got my specs on. With blurry vision it looks like a red and white setter or a spaniel???
    8. danielled
      If you click on quick links check that ou haven't accidentally disabled the pm's if you have I can tlak you through how to enable it if you like.
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