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Feb 2, 2021
Oct 17, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Essex

Oenoke was last seen:
Feb 2, 2021
    1. oenoke ladida
      oenoke ladida
      Hi it's coming up password incorrect
    2. oenoke ladida
      oenoke ladida
      Thank you really greatful
    3. Oenoke
      I'll try to sort out some more pics of her from when she was young.
    4. oenoke ladida
    5. oenoke ladida
      oenoke ladida
      [IMG] this was lala's first hack on the island this Monday. She loved it x
    6. Lorri
      Thank you. If you like I'll the drawing to you free. I see you have other dogs too.
    7. Lorri
      Hi Oenoke Your dog is do lovely. Do you mind if I draw her? IMG_0841_edited-1.jpg Photo by DebbieCrease | Photobucket
    8. oenoke ladida
      oenoke ladida
      Can't figure out how to put pictures on here have got Facebook with a few pictures of her on there she's happy on the Isle of Wight :-) x
    9. oenoke ladida
      oenoke ladida
      Awww wow she's such a lovely mare in lalas passport says dam was a silver medal winner am I right in thinking it was dressage? Thank you for the pictures will get some of her less hairy :-) was only her dam I couldn't find breeding details etc so glad to have found you x
    10. oenoke ladida
      oenoke ladida
      Hi I'm the new owner of oenoke La-Di-Da I believe you bred her? I'm looking for more information on her dam and any photographs if possible. Lala is a fantastic mare and I hope to have a good dressage and show jumping career with her :-)
    11. shinra
      I love your skye&star, they're so insanely beautiful ♥♥
    12. Collie1
      Hi are there any tips u can give me that will help Ben become a good dog?? I would love to get into agility with him when he's old enough.

      Thanks in advance
    13. missnaomi
      We do agility...and go to general obedience classes with our two, plus lots of long mountain walks, and thinking of trying flyball with our smaller dog. But I just wasn't brave enough for a border collie...maybe next time. Yours are stunning!!
    14. missnaomi
      Your dogs are so beautiful! My family had BCs when I was younger and I have a really soft spot for them...didn't get one when we were ready to get a dog as I felt they needed someone who had a black belt in dog ownership...rather than me as a beginner - but maybe sometime...such gorgeous dogs.
    15. shepherd mush
      shepherd mush
      Your dogs are beautiful :)
    16. katiefranke
      Found them! I knew I had seen them somewhere recently...if you are interested, their products are stocked on Dog Toys, Dog Toy, Kong Toys, Pet Toys - UK Dog Online
      I use them quite a bit, good site :)
    17. katiefranke
      great thanks...am off to google them now!
    18. katiefranke
      thank you...I did think I had seen them advertised online at some point...but can't for the life of me find them! :rolleyes:
    19. katiefranke
      ah cool... I have been meaning to ask you a question - I like those balls that your dogs have in your signature on the BC forum, the ones that are kind of shaped...would like to get one for maggie...can you let me know what type they are/recommend where I could get one? thank you! ;)
    20. katiefranke
      Hi there, just looking at Skye's bday pics - she is a beauty!! :) ...and then I realised...I have seen her and your doggies before...are you Debbie on the BC Forum??
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