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Jun 8, 2014
Feb 17, 2013
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registered nurse

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PetForums Senior, from Hampshire

nutty was last seen:
Jun 8, 2014
    1. danielled
      Hows you. Not heard from you for ages.
    2. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi Nutty I have been absent from PF for some time now. Just wanted to say "Hi". Best Wishes. SJ
    3. nutty
      Hi, I took a break from PF as life very busy. I am fine thanks. Hows life for you Danielle?
    4. danielled
      How are you.
    5. danielled
      How are you. I bought sow head phones today and on the back of each set it said remove packaging before microwaving. Why would I microwave headphones.
    6. Toby Tyler
      Toby Tyler
      Awww, thanks! :D Nope, up to no good, and the day is just starting. :devil:
    7. danielled
      Well mum got back last night to tell me she got mixed up. It's not this year it comes out it's next year. I thought it was next year. Well buddy is now scared of bikes that come speeding by.
    8. danielled
      Yes, my dog got hit by a bike on a foot path on Saturday. I was ith my bf. If i'm with somebody I can go for proper walks but on my own I can only go up and down. Then on Sunday just gone dad took me and Buddy my dog to the park. However my implant I's nearing the end of it's life o wondering if I will get an endometriosis attack at some point. Not had one for 3 years thanks to this little fella in my arm.
    9. danielled
      How are you.
    10. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Thanks for being my friend here, here's to lots of fun in the Games section, and no mention of housework!!! ;)
    11. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Thank you for your message, and so Peanut is not only a beautiful boy, he is clever as well! :)
    12. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi again nutty ~ I just found you in Chatterbox in Games. We have lots of fun there, so I hope that you will join us again soon! :)
    13. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi Nutty ~ thank you for your message on my Profile. I was looking at your lovely dog earlier on! I have two dogs, and lots of small animals, including 20 Ferrets ~ animals tend to find me! Take a look at my Albums on my Profile, where you can see some of our animals. I was born in Cheshire and have lived in Merseyside for the past 24 years now.
    14. Bloodraine5252
      No problem. I think you point is so important and is something that I have had to deal with too. :)
    15. CatsDomino
      No problem and thank you!
    16. Spellweaver
      Thank you so much! :) Polypharmacy is another CPD article I'm thinking about - I thought about comparing results before, during and after the PCTs and also seeing how the GP practices with a pharmacist/technician attached fare against those who don't.
    17. cinnamontoast
      Ooh, just seen the springer! Yum!
    18. IrishEyes
      Thank you for the rep and the kind words. Life is hard.. for everyone, we all have our own struggles but as the old saying goes "life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." I have found a sense of contentment and to me that is happiness although it may not be someone else's idea of happiness. I feel very blessed to have been given the chance at turning my life around.. pain can be a great teacher. Warmest wishes x
    19. nutty
      ha ha...wait till you see me tie myself up in knots on a thread, or put my foot in it!
    20. MissShelley
      Aww don't be daft, of course your not :)
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    registered nurse
    Hi there.
    I am a parent to 2 grown up daughters who have both left home. I live with my partner and our 5 yr old black and white springer Peanut, who I adopted 4 years ago. I have recently started helping my niece out by walking her boxer dog about twice a week

    I knit, read and collect jewellery - what lady doesnt?! - I like gardening and all things nature.


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