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Jul 4, 2013
Sep 13, 2009
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nutmeg was last seen:
Jul 4, 2013
    1. nutmeg
      Oh he is also the voice to the panasonic adverts which are on at the moment.
    2. nutmeg
      Yes Iv'e seen warrior and it was fab, not seen tinker tailor yet though. Hope your well hun x
    3. Luvdogs
      I haven't seen either tinker tailor or Warrior....though he is looking rather hot in Warrior...have you seen it?
    4. AmberNero
      Yeah, a fair bit, I did two weeks of reading and researching before I started, and I keep going back to try to find out more :D have you ever sent anything in for competitions?
    5. AmberNero
      Hi- thanks for the friend request and for asking about the writing group! :D It went very well- only 3 of us there though! Apparently it is very quiet over the winter months and should start picking up soon. The group have had their own anthology self-published. and the city council published a local anthology last year, so they're quite active and have some useful connections, which is brilliant. We read some of our work out (well- they read mine aloud as I'm not a very good read-out-louder) and we shared some constructive criticism and praise. Was lovely, brought me back to my uni days!

      So how long have you been writing for? Have you always enjoyed it? :)
    6. nutmeg
      He is meant to be playing a charcter called bane, i cant wait, i'm not normally in to batman but i would go and see this, my hubby loves all of those films so at least he is happy too x
    7. Luvdogs
      I see our Boy Tom is rumoured to playing the bad guy in the new batman film....:)
    8. nutmeg
      thank you sheen and eli, i love it too.
    9. Sheen and Eli
      Sheen and Eli
      Loving your avatar "mr hardy"
    10. Luvdogs
      Hi :) can i ask who is that in your avatar? :)
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