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Apr 17, 2015
Nov 18, 2009
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October 23
Above all else Mummy...and a student!

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PetForums VIP, from Essex

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Apr 17, 2015
    1. $hAzZa
      Hehe, black babies! lol
      They are quite small rabbits, love the sable lionhead!
      Shame when you lose one, especially when its unexpected. He looked in perfect health, mother nature is confusing sometimes :( xx
    2. $hAzZa
      Thought they were new! I only remembered you having rodents
      EBAY!?!?! I though selling livestock was illegal, geeezz, I would love to introduce my fist to some of these peoples faces!
      How are the babbies? Got pictures of them on a thread somewhere?? :D
    3. $hAzZa
      Haha, quite the Columbo arent ya? :p
      And yes, I haven't been on since November last year i thinks. Am trying to fit it back into my daily routine again ;)
      New member called Snippet is my college friend so she's the one who getting me on here more often. How are you and your zoo getting on? Probably got lots more since I was last on here! xx
    4. Tapir
      hey hun...
      Just to let you know, Yogi (now Rhino) is at mine.

      He is an angel and I have just completely fallen for him. Did you still want him? It's absaloutely no problem if not as he is more than welcome to stay here if it's too far.

      I can keep him for however long you need if you do want to have him.
      Hope you are well,
    5. danielled
      How's you tonight
    6. Lil Miss
      Lil Miss
      yeah they are tame, the worst they have done, is "poppy" tried to dig in my leg then jumped on my laptop lol, im sure they just need a bit of time, the does are staying indoors for now though so i can monitor those teeth! xxx
    7. Lil Miss
      Lil Miss
      i gave him a snuggle and half a banana from you earlier ;) lol, hes still a bit unsettled bless him, think he will be much happier when he can have some friends xxx
    8. Lil Miss
      Lil Miss
      no problems hun, you deserve it though (and a lot more!)
      P.S. fudge sends you nudges and kisses lol xxx
    9. danielled
    10. Pets2luv.webs.com
      Hiya thanks for the friends request. I didnt realise that we were not friends already!
      I thought I had already sent you one. oh well better late than never lol!
    11. danielled
      They keep getting sent on holiday seeing as they are not welcome on pf.
    12. danielled
      Not fun? I like going after spammers lol.
    13. danielled
      I have been going after spammers all morning and still at it on here I mean.
    14. danielled
      How are you today.
    15. danielled
      He is a cutie.
    16. danielled
      Just seen my pleco Dylan. He was doing some weird stroke that I haven't heard of and is now sticking to the side of the tank eating algea.
    17. RockRomantic
      my friend recommended a behaviorist so i'll phone her tomorrow see what she says x
    18. RockRomantic
      im fine it just stings lol, busters fine thankfully he wasn't able to bite him cause i pulled him away x
    19. RockRomantic
      took some pictures will put them on in a bit for you :D took one step back sammy, he went for buster again :( and cut my leg in the process :(
    20. RockRomantic
      hey huni charlie loves the babies :D :D :D they've all been cuddled up on the hammock x
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    October 23
    Above all else Mummy...and a student!


    Dogs: (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Rosie (Border Collie x Labrador) Barney
    Cats: Bisou, Calin, Ninja and Karate
    Syrian: Nugget and Belle
    Bunnies: Cream, Fudge, Fiver and Hyzenthlay
    Piggies: Orton, Riley, Toffee and Bumblebee
    Mice: All 15 of you! I love you all!
    Rats. Harry, Dumbledore, Fred and George.

    RIP To all those who I have lost, you will always be remembered fondly for the impact you made on my life.

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