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Oct 26, 2016
Jan 14, 2009
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North Lincolnshire

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PetForums Senior, from North Lincolnshire

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Oct 26, 2016
    1. babycham2002
      rawtopaw have chicken necks back in, could these mean good enws for other daf suppliers?
      or do you already have the issue sorted?
    2. Leanne77
      No, I never used Bulmers in the end. They dont really sell the kind of things I feed my dogs (I tend not to feed minces) so it seemed a bit pointless really. I'm just going to stick with Lincs Pets I think.
    3. babycham2002
      yes rawtogo is daf too.
      My supplier has been a pain in the neck (scott dog food co) and has left me high and dry with no food again :( despite texting him constantly, so my boys are on acana and nd at the moment, willow is working her way through the carcasses and trotters from morrisons.
      When he ever comes again far as I know no problem with necks,
      are you too far north to get directly from daf?
      I keep looking at natural instinct but its so expensive, still no necks for you either, I can find anyone else who does them in that kind of way other than scott and daf.
      Olivia is a beautiful name for your baby girl :) congratulations :)
    4. babycham2002
      Hay :)
      Laddy is super, such a shame his new home fell through but another home check is being done for him this week, we will find him a lovely forever home :)
      Percy is doing much better thank you :) Its all healing as it should be thankfully, so fingers crossed really it carries on like it is.
      Everything on the site can be frozen :) Peanut butter crackers actually have a very long shelf life without being frozen too surprisingly. The muffins the shortest shelf life without being frozen :)
      Let me know if you think of any other q's
      Hope you are having a good week

    5. victoriaaa
      I never imagined i would get the time but he's quite content and just lays there asleep or looking at me while i natter away to him..to any one watching me i think it would look like im being fast forwarded though ;) ...haha well my hospital photos are disgusting that the inlaws took so i wasnt having any more like that. Thankyou for the book recommendation too :) ive already got it on my kindle so will read it next.. if i EVER get the time for that. Good luck with your little one x
    6. babycham2002
      tee he he well she is used tohaving her mummy all to herself :)
      I think its surprising how well they adapt to another though :)
      Lil Dillon is coming up 6 months now, I am haping to be able to show him :)
      How have you been? and lil lu-lu of course,
      found anyone for chicken necks yet, like you I would be lost without them for my boys
    7. sailor
      Thank you :) and yes Lulu is famous indeed, you did say I copuld show her off :thumbsup: so I did!
      It wasnt the best photo no, but it was workable, so I let you off. It is also a great help to show what sort of photos I can work from... at a push.
    8. GoldenShadow
      Glad Lulu is OK :)
    9. hawksport
      It was nice to meet you and Lulu at the weekend.
    10. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Hi :D Cant mem how long we used it for but I dont think it made any difference although the vet said it could take up to 6 weeks :rolleyes: we find the Feliway better just not as good with windows open at the mo. Hope it works better for you :) x
    11. Eroswoof
      Thank you for the support xxxx
    12. Lulus mum
      Lulus mum
      Is Lu-lu the puppy you were hoping to get-She is gorgeous-please tell me all about her-
      I HAD to send this,because we lost our Lulu 6 weeks ago-she was 14,a collie cross and we had her since she was 3 mths old.Our other dog,buster came with her ,hes 14 too and he has dementia now-which in a way is a good thing-he DOTED on Lulu and now doesnt even know shes gone.
      She buried outside in the garden ,I speak to her all the time and have just gone to say goodnight to her.
      They both came from the rescue I worked for,as did our 3 cats-Rigsby,Dougal ,both 14 and Ollie,who is only 6
      Ive found lots of support on here and other forums in the last 6 weeks-losing a pet is devastating and the feelings are so strong and mixed up -you can feel a bit O.K and then something you see or hear will trigger such a terrible feeling of loss.
      So enjoy your Lulu and your cats-they are very lucky to have you
      from Maureen
      Sorry this sounds so depressing-didnt mean it to!
    13. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thanks for the rep. Hope it helps. Just posted on your visitors help request. Let us know if it worksx ps sorry if duplicate msg. Internet cut out so not sure if 1st msg went through.
    14. animallover111
      Thank you......your support would be great......xx
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