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Dec 8, 2012
Aug 28, 2010
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Training to become a Childminder :-)

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PetForums VIP, from Southampton

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Dec 8, 2012
    1. papeete
      Hi :) Saw you ordered the Leopet cat tree - I'm thinking of doing the same and wondered how you're finding it?
    2. emmaviolet
    3. emmaviolet
      i genuinely can not believe your sick lies about your dog dying when you just passed him on to someone else, i think there must be something wrong with you and hope there is otherwise you are pure evil to invent a story like that when none of it was true!
      you are a typical pet collector who gets one then bored and then gets rid for another, i really cannot understand your mentality posting about it too.
      your poor animals, i feel sick for them, how long before you get tired of this one or that one?
    4. DT
      And you even had the nerve to quote me and post on that thread - see your post 139
      I shall not hold my breath waiting for an apology! but you can put one in the post if that suits ya better!
      What a fine example of a animal loving human being you must be!
    5. DT
      First! I am not going to TRY and cover myself by pm'ing you! Anything I have to say is said in the open, hence me writing on your wall! But WHY did you lie about your dog being ill and consequently pts? Why? This is a pet forum lady, and people here, myself being one of them would do anything to keep their dogs with them just a little while longer! Yet you, I am lost for words, you are not the animal lover you are claim to be, you are no better then many of the uneducated people out there today! !
      For once in you sad like try doing something right - like rehoming that sick cat that you have is a proper manner rather then trying to make a quick buck by selling him on!
    6. pheebus
      Hi, just wondering weather you got my PM regarding your cover photo? xx :)
    7. RabbitMonster
      I love that you named your new arrival Lola :)
    8. dougal22
      Belated thanks for the greenie, only just seen it :)
    9. LouJ69
      Hey Hun, haven't been on in a while, but just read your post about duke...it's such a shame you're not in ireland as I would have gladly helped with training/behaviour. If you need anything, advice, a chat, anything, gimme a pm & I can try my best to do what I can. Thinking of you. Xxx
    10. catlover0581
      hey - i just saw the thread about thinking about having Duke pts - i'm so sorry you're in such a position - and some of the comments were absolutely awful! :( just to let you know, i used to be a childminder and i fully respect your consideration of pts. i would do the same thing in your position. i'm really a cat fanatic, but love animals and would love a dog, but i can honestly say if i had one that went for my kids, i would find it hard to control my immediate reaction, and would definately have it pts. i understand the big dilema for you is do you wait and see/hope it doesn't happen. my thoughts are with you, and i would love to hear how you and Duke are doing. take care my lovely :) xxx
    11. newfiesmum
      I still haven't come to terms with losing him, and I am not sure I ever will. I have my profile picture printed out in my folder in the car, and when people ask about the dogs, I can never quite bring myself to tell the new ones that Joshua is no longer with us. I will start crying again if I do, and when it is a pupil I have only just got, I don't want to frighten them off. I need to get that photograph out of the way really. I just spent so much time nursing him, giving him his medicines, worrying over him. Still Ferdie has cheered up a bit since Diva arrived, but he is getting a bit stiff now! I shall be taking him to hydrotherapy after christmas, he is already on seraquin. Thanks for asking. Margaret
    12. leashedForLife
      policing the counters before leaving is always the simplest,
      & the surest... ;)
    13. leashedForLife
      U can always stick prep-in-process into the microwave,
      or in the cold oven, if U're in a hurry - or just stick it in the frig...
      & get it back out when U return. :thumbsup:
    14. leashedForLife
      setting the dog UP with something attractive is a sting-operation -

      i never suggest them; COUNTER-SURFING isn't a training issue, it's Mgmt.
      teach the humans to police the counters before leaving the room,
      or install a permanent baby-gate at the doorway, & LATCH it every time U walk out -
      even for 30-secs, close the gate. ;)

      with children, teaching the child to CLOSE THE GATE is the hardest task.
      good luck!
    15. simplysardonic
      Thankies for the rep :) xx
    16. leashedForLife
      dogs with major phobias *-can-* get much, much better -
      i've seen it directly, with semi-feral dogs, but it does take persistence. :yesnod:

      i would not blame myself, if it had been me; a truly-terrified dog does things
      that we never can anticipate, & they react violently & FAST...
      whipping her head from her collar would have been the work of an instant,
      & then she'd have gone from 0 to 40-mph in seconds.
      :( She's at play in Elysian fields, now... no more fears, no more worries.

      run free, good dog.
      - t
    17. Spellweaver
      Well, if this strike was happening BT (ie before Thatcher!) you wouldn't be getting any of the whining or condemning posts - everyone would be supporting everyone else. In fact, other workers - workers in the private sector - would be striking in support (I can remember one strike where miners went on strike in support of a nurses' pay claim because nurses felt they couldn't strike) But Thatcher brought in legislation to stop all that - and twenty years down the line, people caring only if something inconveniences them, and then only caring about their own inconvenience, is the legacy.
    18. Spellweaver
      Totally agree. It's one of the main things wrong with this country - thanks to the spin put out by Thatcher in the 80s and 90s, whole generations have grown up thinking only of themselves and how things affect them. As long as they are ok, everything is right - no matter who else is sufferiung :(
    19. Spellweaver
      Thank you for the rep :)
    20. pheebus
      Hey. :) How are you and Duke? :D x
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    Training to become a Childminder :-)
    I'm Nicole, 21. I have two daughters and live with my fiance in Southampton. Moved here a year ago from Sheffield, eep!
    I have a kitten called Slinky Malinky and a puppy called Duke. They all share the same birth month as my youngest daughter :)


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