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Feb 26, 2019
Mar 30, 2012
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Riley, Female

nicolaa123 was last seen:
Feb 26, 2019
    1. sarahecp
      Hi Nicola,
      No, it wasn't the hogs, it was a rescue doesn't post much.
      Hope you and the handsome tabby one are ok and had a good Xmas. Pleased to hear emu is going well :thumbup:
    2. buffie
      Soz Bro Iz didn't look at it , Iz just killed it,dead :devil:
      It iz hogz :eek: Iz go an see if I can givez it ze life kizz'z :o
      I'z fink my slave iz getting better , she's interfering again wiff my planz :rolleyes:
    3. buffie
      Fank you tooz,Iz already killed dat mouseyz deadz :D
      I'z having trouble getting my hooman to playz wiff me Bro,she'z too busy coughing/sneezinz and stuff :arf:
      Bro shez not a pretty sight :eek:
    4. buffie
      Yo bro I'z gettin'z citededz:yesnod: parcelz iz comimg in an I'z got lotz ;)
      Santa's helper came this morning wiv one from you but my slave sez I cant look till itz Santapawz day :( .Whatz in it Bro, :D
    5. buffie
      Don't know bro,Iz see'z no evil/hear no's evilz an speakz no evilz ;) coz Santa pawz might not come if Iz sayz anyfingz ;)
    6. buffie
      Oh Bro Iz sorry :( we will needz to hatch ze planz to sortz them slavez :(
    7. buffie
      Hope you iz okayz dude,
    8. buffie
      Yo Bro I got chased to my bed lastnight,slave caught me on the puter :rolleyes:
      Who's this peeps you know in this strange land of the Eng's :confused:
      D' ya think she 'z responziblz for ze hat :incazzato:
    9. buffie
      Thankz bro :) I needz to find out who they are,I finkz they live in the land of the Eng'z ,many milez away
    10. buffie
      Don't mention the hat Bro I'z not smilinz :mad:Some numpty sent it to my slave and she thought it would be funny to make me wearz it.I'll get herz ;)
    11. Tao2
      Hi Nicolaa, Hope you and Riley keeping well!!
    12. buffie
      Just seen your thread in GC what a sweetie hope the little guy recovers okay.
      I posted on the thread but thought I would post it here too ,P@H should have the spikes food.............Wildlife Food Products for Sale. Pets at Home.

      If not in the store they now do a buy on line and have it delivered to your store"free".I have used it and it arrived the next day all you need to do is go pick it up.
    13. buffie
      We are okay thanks,Meeko is still being a picky sod with his food and vomiting a bit more than he was but seems okay.
      Havnt been around on the IBD thread much recently,felt I needed a break from sick cats for a bit but hope they are all doing as well as possible.
      How is Riley hope he is managing to send "offerings" of the normal kind.
      So what is going to happen with foxy now ,surely it will be too late for her to be released and establish a safe nesting area to hibernate in .
    14. buffie
      :lol: :lol: Silly sod :rolleyes:. I would have been tempted to follow her and sit down beside her ;)
    15. buffie
      :thumbup: Great news :D. glad all is well.Trust you to get one with "poo problems" :rolleyes: ;)
    16. buffie
      Hope the little man is okay , and back with you later.
      Sounds like Foxy is blossoming :D Let me know how you get on x
    17. buffie
      Looks like you will be kept out of mischief through the winter,one way or another ;) :D
    18. buffie
      Oh I didn't think they would be able to be released this year.Maybe it stays mild longer down your end of the country,by October here the nights can be quite nippy .
      Do they go into hibernation if they over winter while still in care.
    19. buffie
      Sounds as though your foster babies are doing well :D .What will happen to them over the winter,do they have somewhere to go until they can be released.
    20. sarahecp
      You're welcome :) xx Mummy says I'm far too clever for my own good, not sure what that means. I had a lovely day thank you :) xx
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