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Dec 31, 2021
Jun 8, 2009
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business management degree student :)

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PetForums VIP, from cheshire

nic101 was last seen:
Dec 31, 2021
    1. danielled
      How come we're notfriends yet lol will sort that out now.
    2. tafwoc
      Parents hey, pure pain in the ass.lol. Im glad your dad's let you stay with him though :) Ooo what diploma are you doing? At least youv got something to take your mind off of things. x
    3. tafwoc
      Oh i hope your ok. If you ever need a good talk/rant. Yeh im ok. Hows the photography going? And i hope everything is better with your mum now. :)
    4. tafwoc
      Heya hun. How are you? Haven't seen you for a bit. Hope your ok. :)
    5. dodigna
      no worries babe, I didn't think you were. I just hope they give you one final "verdict" on what she should and shouldn't do and it sounds like they are capable enough to do that. And I doubt you would have missed them mentioning ED, if they saw it that would have been the diagnosis and the course of action that follows it, simply they didn't see it, like I said it can easily be missed.
      If they even suspected that is what it was (ED, they might have suggested an artroscopy.
    6. hobbs2004
      Well, thank you very muchly for the rep!
    7. Shamen
      yep exactly! its heartbreaking when you see all the poor unwanted dogs the result of all this irresponsible breeding:(
    8. Shamen
      i just want to say i agree with your posts on breeding:) and when i can i will rep you:)
    9. Patterdale_lover
      I am far from bullying you and far from boasting about anything. I find this whole situation hilarious. I have been on this forum 2 years. I know how things run i know how things work i don't need you coming to tell me after so long :rolleyes:
      Why are you suddenly trying to parent me? The other member who was involved in the heated debate has not messaged me trying to make me LEARN like you. In no way did i drectly insult you to begin with or say ANYTHING to you. YOU came on to MY thread and left a HORRID comment which other members also found equally HORRID.
      I know why my thread got heated and why it died. Your the one still jibberin on.
    10. Patterdale_lover
      Haha yeah for like 5 minutes after. Jeeze...So its alright for you and that member to gang up on me about breeding my dog but you get upset over a little comment. Well its true isn't it you want me to do my school work.
      I'm gonna be direct now
      Go away your annoying hahaa! Kthanksbai
    11. Patterdale_lover
      Why not just leave me alone? Make me and you a WHOLE lot happier. Your like the little kid coming back and snipping at me when i have told you more than once to go away ha
    12. Patterdale_lover
      Your the one that came on to my thread and said
      15 - go do some homework not dog breeding
      This is a dog forum were individuals discuss and LEARN through eachother. I am in retaliation to you. Which is only fair. Seeing as i'm 15 and goodness knows how old you are
    13. Patterdale_lover
      Haha you will go away unless you want me to report you. I have after all only retaliated to your mean and rude behaviour. :thumbup:
    14. Patterdale_lover
      Oh and just cos your older than me automatically gives you authority or more knowledgable than me pffft yeah Or i should do as you wish...Open forum deal with it ;)
    15. Patterdale_lover
      Haha why should I. I'm not going to hide what i say or think about your childish behaviour. I have been around dogs all my like and dad even more so. We breed, train, work and trial champion gundogs. Excuse me i have been her ALOT longer than you. I have been repped many times for my advice and maturirty. Your theone picking on a kid. I wonder if youwould have the guts to do it to a more established member...I highly doubt it. As i said before go away :D Thank you
    16. bird
      Thanks for the rep, hope all is going ok for you. xx
    17. Lycaeus
      Hey Nic :) Just wanted to repeat what i said on your thread about not wanting to come across as rude or the like. Im a member of a photography forum where you find quite a few people wanting to make a fast bit of money so its hard not to come over to blunt sometimes. You seem to be headed in the right direction though and i wish you all the luck. My offer of any help at all still stands.

      Sam x
    18. Chillinator
    19. sketch
      You are very welcome, just glad your ok, thanks for the rep
    20. Badger's Mum
      Badger's Mum
      Lol thank you X
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    business management degree student :)
    Im a degree student, I also have a part time job and also trying to get a photography business running.!! I have one dog who is going to be trained up for obedience competitions.

    agility/obedience, horse riding...
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