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Jan 28, 2011
Jun 29, 2010
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currently full time mum

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PetForums Senior, from Sussex

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Jan 28, 2011
    1. gemma2303
      nfp20, are you able to send me Kim and Jay's number please? We used them before to board our dogs, however the number was on my phone that was stolen. I've searched the internet using the address to see if it was on there and I've had no joy.

      Regards, Gemma
    2. shibby
      Thank you for the rep :) x
    3. Tanya1989
      Lol, Thanks for the rep
      thanks for the rep :)
    5. Tanya1989
      Thanks for the reppy xx
    6. leashedForLife
      thank U kindly :) i hope U enjoy the read as much as i am...
      - t
    7. nfp20
      if you take a look on Weimaranerpedigrees.com - iFrames you can look for him if his KC name is not there let me know what it is and his dob and I'll add him. Then you can do some research into his pedigree it has alot of photos. The site is free to join.
    8. Olly's Mum
      Olly's Mum
      The hite and seek game sounds great ill give it a try.
    9. Olly's Mum
      Olly's Mum
      Ill have to double check his KC Certificate when i get home - but its something like - Millone Artemis, ive found pictures of one of his grand parents through google thing it was at crufts.
    10. Olly's Mum
      Olly's Mum
      Thanks for the reply,

      So for example if i tell him to lay down and he doesnt do i force him down then praise him?

      I hide food around the room for him to find is this what you mean? We try to do a bit of training everyday but it can be very frustrating when he's ignoring you. How do i stop the mouthing? Ive tried squealing like he's hurt me but that just excites him. He never hurts me he's very gentle but i dont want him to do it at all.
    11. Olly's Mum
      Olly's Mum
      Hi There, its seems you are a very experienced weimy owner and since im a novice would love any training/behaviour tips you have.

      My Olly is one year old and he's the most loving dog you would ever meet he always wants to be with me and sleep on me! :rolleyes:

      However he is very very stubborn and it can often take 6 or 7 times of repeating a command for him to finally listen, not sure where im going wrong.

      I seem to be making progress with the jumping up by saying off and ignoring him, however he's still mouthing and diving on visitors.

      He's recently had a cruciate injury so is on very limited exercise which isnt helping.

      Any tips would be appreciated.
    12. DoubleTrouble
      Your mail box is full! check out the new weimaraner thread!
      What the heck is going on here???
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    Home Page:
    currently full time mum
    Enthusiast of the Weimaraner. I do work my dogs as part of their breed heritage. Am partial sighted so my oldest dog is an assistance dog as well as my constant companion and has attended university with me. Have owned lots of breeds, cross breed and participate in rescue where and when possible. I am a KC Accredited Breeder but breed very rarely to replace my own. I believe strongly in health testing. Happy to debate but please don't be offended it is never meant personally... I will often play devils advocate!

    Pedigree Research, Weimaraners, photography, WCGB


    These are my own personal views and opinions they do not represent the WCGB.
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