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Mar 9, 2014
Aug 2, 2013
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Mar 9, 2014
    1. neila
      Hi , thanks for that. I will ask my vets if they know anywhere. I think I would prefer a group class. Cheers again
    2. westie~ma
      Hello, welcome to PF.
      I don't know any trainers that do individual training but I did take my Westie to group training sessions that were run through a vets (the vet nurses took the course). We found it useful as well as training there was close socialisation as well. They did puppy classes and adult classes. It was a 6 week course. The vets was Afon in Neath but maybe your vet run something similar.

      My chap is now six yo now I took him just after his first birthday so he went to the adult sessions. Not sure if they are still running as I'm with another vet now but worth a try.
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