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Jan 12, 2014
Jan 23, 2011
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Jan 12, 2014
    1. simbamax
      Thanks! Yes its hard to not get attached to them here..they are such poor little things and mostly so friendly and deserving of a good home..its really sad..i want to send 2 of them..no more than that I couldnt afford it! but even if you put a collar they still take them..its disgusting..there was a guy here who had his strays spayed,ears clipped,microchipped,vaccinated,u name it and out of 17 cats he rescued they took almost all..so i guess time is of the essence! if i sent the cats from here and got a real idea of the quaranteen costs in uk,I would do that,as at least get them away from here..they may not be around in jan and i might not work here anymore..I am only really here 2 months contract with a view to stay longer..so chances of the cats being here in jan..doubtful i dont know..i have emailed that contact u gave me to ask for prices..do u have any idea..? :-)
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