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Sep 8, 2018
Mar 9, 2008
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Sep 8, 2018
    1. Devil-Dogz
      where have you gone? - Hows Maya and Cobi?
    2. Devil-Dogz
      Thanks for the rep - Makes me so mad !!
    3. noushka05
      thanks for the rep:), i actually thought i'd get an answer after all shes not usually short of something to say, bless her:D:D:D
    4. Devil-Dogz
      Someones gotta agree with me haha! PICTURES MISSY! :ciappa:
    5. cheekyscrip
      u welcome, Lord Voldemort to win...
    6. cheekyscrip
      thahk you for your albums...Maya is a beauty, want to have her...but cannot - too hot here, fantastic pets, best luck for all
    7. rocco33
      Thanks for the rep - didn't know if I got the chance to rep you (and can't really remember what I posted, but suffice to say, it was obviously unwanted!
      Have you seen DavidC's post about deleting his account because of it?
    8. DoubleTrouble
      Luxury Real Leather- Look Dog Bed (Size Med) on eBay (end time 16-Nov-10 20:12:18 GMT)

      here is where I got the beds Natik! The dogs have medium ones and they are plenty big enough
    9. LouJ69
      Hey, just wanted to pop by & say hi to you *waves*
      Your 2 dogs are gorgeous, especially Maya. I have a 6 month old Sibe girl called Alpha (lol, Alpha by name & Alpha by nature!!) & a crossbreed called Monty myself.
      I would love to have a NI too, would they be similar to a husky in terms of temperament, exercise, etc? They are definitely on my future dog list.
    10. noushka05
      youre welcome:D xx
    11. Devil-Dogz
      HELLOOO! How are things and the dogs? xx
    12. leashedForLife
      hey, natik! :)
      would U be willing to elaborate slightly on this excellent post Pet Forums Community - View Single Post - Cesar coming to UK to help problem dogs!!!
      on this new-thread
      possible ways to address fear-based aggro toward humans? - Pet Forums Community ?
      i wanted to point out that scary handling can actually install fear-based aggro, and is definitely not a good choice for B-Mod [pin, roll, jerk, threaten, etc].
      thanks in advance, paws crossed,
      - terry
    13. pika
      You deserved it, I liked what you said :)
    14. leashedForLife
      thank U very kindly :) now i will stumble back to bed, i am pie-eyed with exhaustion; short night, and still blowy weather. i'm zonked.
      C U a bit later,
      - terry
    15. alaun
      Ripley's doing great thanks. Well done Maya! How's my gorgeous cobi - I'm missing your picture threads, get snapping xx
    16. alaun
      Hi, It's good to hear from you! I'm fine - school hols so I tend to come on more then, lol. We're all good - Ripley (my wolfie) has had a cruciate ligament op though so she's pretty bored in a pen at the moment. There are some pics of the not so small pups in the gallery (dog forums).
      How are your dogs doing?
    17. alaun
      Just thought I'd pop by and say hello - haven't seen you for a while.
    18. Spellweaver
      thank you for the rep :)
    19. Shamen
      thanks for my rep:D
    20. rocco33
      you're welcome - the comment was out of order. But don't let it put you off.
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