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Mar 18, 2019 at 8:04 PM
Sep 22, 2012
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Love my furry, feathered and finned family, Female

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Viewing forum list, Mar 18, 2019 at 8:04 PM
    1. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Its ok next time I get fish I'll ask the questions but for sure I want fighters
    2. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Its ok but when I get fish I'm going to ask questions
    3. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      I'm just saying. What if my fish had a 7.0 ph level and then I put it in 0.0 ph water will that harm the fish or make it uncomfortable.
    4. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      What happens if I keep a low ph level
    5. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Hi i want to know when i clean my fish tank do i keep some of the old water and add the new water.
    6. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      What do you think should i get another siamese or should i get a cold water fish
    7. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Ok. But the joke is my mum only understood me when she had to see for herself that the fish died. But now my mum said she is no longer going to follow the pet shop rules which is a goid thing. Im sure next time i will get a filter and then i will ask you guys
    8. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Wow you were right I have no more fish it died just now when I woke up its about 3:33
    9. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      No they're sleeping I can show them tomorrow because my male siamese actually died already I think a week or two ago
    10. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      You see that's the problem I can't take it back to the pet shop because my parents won't do that. So that's the whole reason I joined this site. But how do I clean the fish tank manually without a filter. And if I don't clean it how long will the fish live give me the shortest time
    11. NaomiM
      Without a filter and heater, your fish will die. If you really can't persuade your parents to let you get them, the best thing you can do is return your fish to the shop you got it from :( Sorry!
    12. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Oh no shame but my parents won't allow me to get a filter , heater. And. I can't go to the aquarium place because I don't have one in my area and the pet shops are useless and I'm living In south africa
    13. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Ok I can get a photo up tomorrow because I'm actually in south africa and its 11:00 PM here so I'm just lying in bed.
    14. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Thanks so when I get a big fish tank with a filter and a heater I can ask you what types of other fish can stay together
    15. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Thanks. I have a mini soccer ball inside and I know about the hoop. But actually how do I train the fish to do the trick.
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