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Sep 22, 2012
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Jul 25, 2017 at 1:22 PM
    1. danielled
      Followed all your advice. Thought one of the new guys was dying last night, he was lay at the bottom but today he is very active.
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      2. NaomiM
        Have you done tests for ammonia and nitrite? That's the first thing I do when there's any hint of a suspected problem, just to rule out any water quality issues. If anything is irritating the fish it can cause them to dart around, so being active doesn't necessarily mean all is well - it's best to test just to be on the safe side :)
        Jul 24, 2017 at 7:42 PM
      3. danielled
        Sure have and all fine thankfully. Got a new testing kit. Everything is colour coded so to speak on this one which for me is better. Better safe than sorry. This is the same guppy we thought wasn't going to survive his first week. At this rate he will be called Lucky.
        Jul 24, 2017 at 8:03 PM
    2. danielled
      The new fish seem to be doing well so far, Alvin when I get their food is the first to appear, the others including the 2 girls when I lift the smaller lid they go and hide til tonight actually I did it quietly and they stayed near me. So doing that quietly now. Forgot how fast zebra danios are. The 6 of them tend to stick together which I know they like to live in schools. The girls stick together too.
    3. danielled
      Found a pic of mr Merlin.
    4. danielled
      Thanks for the like. Thatvfirst pleco I saw really was as big as I said.
    5. wind1
      Just wanted to say thank you for all your help with setting up my fish tank. It is now fully stocked and I'm loving it. Without your advice and suggestions I don't believe the tank would be half as good as it is, I have learnt loads over the last few weeks and will no doubt have more questions in the future for you. Thanks again
      1. NaomiM
        No worries. It's an addictive hobby isn't it! I knew nothing about fish a couple of years ago, but have learnt so much from here and other forums :)
        Aug 22, 2015
    6. loroll1991
      I love your avatar! My two 4 and a half month old kittens are obsessed with my tanks and do that as well haha :-D thanks again for your help with my balloon mollies xx
      1. NaomiM
        No worries, sorry I couldn't help more with the mollies. Yes Pebbles (my cat) loves my two tanks! I bet your kittens are really cute when they do that :-)
        Jul 28, 2015
    7. Phoenix24
      No worries, you deserved the rep for all the help and advice you dish out :)
    8. Azhar
      Hey Naomi. You recently welcomed me to the forum and also mentioned if I had to have a kitten and if perhaps I could think about getting a cat and from cats protection or blue cross. Well you got me thinking a lot and as you quite rightly said the kittens may not know when to retract their claws being so young and an older cat used to around children wold be a lot more suitable.. Well I've been in touch with cats protection and left my details for a call back and hopefully they can visit me and get the ball rolling for me to adopt a cat. Sorry I'm waffling on a bit but I wanted to say a huge thanks for making me think straight. Definitely interested in adopting an older cat now and may look at adopting a kitten when my children are older.big thanks again Naomi.. MWAAH
    9. moggiemum
      thankyou xxx:)
    10. Sarahgail
      I need a good home for two dogs.
    11. fishykins
      Can i put one male betta in a bowl of 7.29 litres above one gallon it says on the net that one gal is the min for one bet is this true
    12. fishykins
      Hi, i want to know, how do i feed my fish if they eat different foods, because i am going to get bettas and couple of other fish so how do i feed them where one fish wont eat the other family of fishes food. When you answer my questions please send to email
    13. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Its ok next time I get fish I'll ask the questions but for sure I want fighters
    14. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Its ok but when I get fish I'm going to ask questions
    15. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      I'm just saying. What if my fish had a 7.0 ph level and then I put it in 0.0 ph water will that harm the fish or make it uncomfortable.
    16. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      What happens if I keep a low ph level
    17. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Hi i want to know when i clean my fish tank do i keep some of the old water and add the new water.
    18. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      What do you think should i get another siamese or should i get a cold water fish
    19. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Ok. But the joke is my mum only understood me when she had to see for herself that the fish died. But now my mum said she is no longer going to follow the pet shop rules which is a goid thing. Im sure next time i will get a filter and then i will ask you guys
    20. Ice fish
      Ice fish
      Wow you were right I have no more fish it died just now when I woke up its about 3:33
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