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Nov 9, 2010
May 24, 2009
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Norfolk and Chance
Soon to be a Care Worker.

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PetForums Senior, from Norfolk and Chance

MySugar was last seen:
Nov 9, 2010
    1. animallover111
      hope to see you soon.....xxxxx
    2. baby2love
      Princey (i mean teddy!!) looks lovely in your pics. send him big huggles from us. xx
    3. animallover111
      Hello pretty lady....how are you...think i keep missing you on here as not seen you.....xxxxx
    4. Katie&Cody
      Pole - that sounds interesting, spill the beans, lol!! Well it was ok, went out to our carpark (communal) to find someones rubbish everywhere for the third time!!! Grr made me mad!! Did some gardening bit of tidying up and thats about it really!! A boring Sunday me thinks...! x
    5. Katie&Cody
      Lol!!=) So u had a good day? x
    6. Katie&Cody
      *Laghs!* We all do it, lol!! *Sighs* Actually i suppose i should check mine. x
    7. Katie&Cody
      PMSL!! you put me in a right tizzy missy lol!! x
    8. Katie&Cody
      Oh no it was you, i read your 'about me' bit - 'we are picking up our new adopted cat in a few days' ... lol!! x
    9. Katie&Cody
      jeez now im confused, sorry!! lol!!
    10. Katie&Cody
      Is it right you are collecting your rescue in a couple of days?
    11. Katie&Cody
      lol he is!! Your pepper looks loovely!! sorry for your loss of beautiful sugar!! she is stunning!! x
    12. purrlover
      yeah rosies great ta, sounds like ive missed loads , whats been happening? i miss everything!you also sound like you got your handsfull ! the kits are jumpinmg all over me as i typoe .. opps so about spellinmg .. hard with 2 kits licking my ears! lol xxx
    13. purrlover
      HI hows everything going ive not been coming on much just lately ,got my hands full now i have honey aswell as rosie , shes doing really well, i will post pics soon, julie x
    14. DKDREAM
      i'll give you rep when it lets me - Sugar was georgous just beautiful
    15. Baby Bordie
      Baby Bordie
      No problem, Im happy to share them! :D

      :eek: Thats one cool cat! :)
    16. Cassies-mum
      oki, have a nice day, byee :) x
    17. Cassies-mum
      oh no i wasnt offended of patronised at all, im 13 :)
    18. Cassies-mum
      sometimes more then others, i clean and i enjoy doing that as long as i have my ipod :)
      and i cook for myself if my mums ill/having a bad day in wich case i cook for her too (only pretty basic stuff though!) and i look after my animals (my mum let me have them on condition that i look after them, only 2 cats and the parrot are hers!), my brother comes over to help most of the time too so i dont have to do that much really :)
    19. Cassies-mum
      nahh i dont mind, it leaves me free to do whatever i want and not clean/make coffee etc :rolleyes:
    20. Cassies-mum
      aw bless him, my sisters 2 year old tends to help her with the washing (he puts it in the waashing mashing or takes it out lol) she usualy goes back to bed of a morning :p
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    Norfolk and Chance
    Soon to be a Care Worker.
    I'm 26 and have a 6 year old son. We had a cat called Sugar since she was born (my Mum still has Sugar's Mum, Amber). Unfortunately we had to make the agonising decision to put our beautifull Sugar to sleep earlier this year due to untreatable neurological problems.
    We now have a kitten called Pepper and cat called Teddy. Both of whom were adopted.
    I have owned many animals throughout childhood and teen years including fish, hamsters, a mouse (called Ratty, Lol), budgies, cats, a Rotweiler, Mongrel (Collie/Lab/Alsation) and Bull Mastiffs. Even garden snails as a child, lol.

    Cycling, playing in the park and going for walks with my little buddy (my son), going for picnics.
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