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Mar 23, 2010
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    1. Boadicea1
      Thank you. :D I really like the history of Boadicea, though I have to admit I got it from the song Boadicea by Enya and had never heard of her until I listened to the song. Songs can educate us. :)
    2. Space Chick
      Space Chick
      Thanks for the rep :D
    3. emmaviolet
      I think it's best to be weary, especially online.

      Yes, some of the things you just cannot make up! X
    4. Luz
      THANKS FOR THE REP. Hope we cheered you up honey!
    5. emmaviolet
      Yes thats for sure.

      The tone and subject of them has me wondering if there may be a time when she wants money. I don't know if thats my paranoid mind though!! X
    6. IrishEyes
      Thank you for the rep kind lady! I hope you are feeling a little better now.
    7. emmaviolet
      That's ok, tbh I don't ever really understand that poster!! x
    8. MoggyBaby
      Awwwww, cheers for my rep babes, that was very sweet of you.

      Hope you're feeling a bit more on top of things now. :)

    9. chichi
      Thank you for the rep x :D
    10. Jiskefet
      Thanks for the rep
      I feel Dan Brown has done Christianity both a service and a disservice by writing the Da Vinci code.
      He has made people reconsider the role of Mary Magdalene, but it has mostly led to people trying to point out where he is, or may be, wrong instead of where he is, or may be, right.
    11. cheekyscrip
      :) for a mo I had a vision of your chicks on sunbeds in Marbella...glad that you have nicer weather..though those rains were badly needed..at least tonight we could see lots and lots of tiny baby snails...
    12. cheekyscrip
      ;)..drying mostly as we had violent storms today and allactivities cancelled..plus power cut...by now all in beds..and we managed a walk ..how is it is Wales?
    13. Changes
      Happy Birthday lovely x x x
    14. Changes
      Thank you x x x
    15. cinnamontoast
      Confess I was laughing out loud at the sheer dogged stupidity of the person's posts!
    16. catcoonz
      Thankyou for the rep, sorry ive only just realised how to read the last 5 posts of the edit file.
      Thankyou also for your support yesterday, this means so much to me. xx
      I will return the rep once ive figured out how to do this lol. x
    17. cheekyscrip
      thank you for the rep and good to have you back
    18. Dogless
      Excellent; I suspected a flare up....at least you're fighting back again; hope dogs and humans all doing fine xx.
    19. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep; was just thinking I'd not 'seen' you for ages, hope all good xx.
    20. Spellweaver
      Thanks for the rep :) Got to go to bed now cos I'm doing a 13 hr shift tomorrow - so it will be Thurs before I can get back on the thread n support you n Mel - heh heh, that's if it hasn't been closed by then! xx
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