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Mar 23, 2010
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    1. cheekyscrip
      just to pop and say..hello...
    2. Royoyo
      Thank you for the rep! :)
    3. Zaros
      Strange visitors keep popping up and dropping by. Have you had any of late?:confused1:
    4. MCWillow
      Not redundant - very much appreciated, thanks so much xxxx

      Posted here as your inbox is FULL UP ;) xxxxx
    5. simplysardonic
      TBH my pair is from M&S & they're pretty much just black jeans with a bit of stretch, I'm sure that could be classed as 'borderline forgivable' :lol: although I'll keep quiet about my secret stash of Ugg boots & shellsuits ;)
    6. Flamingoes
      thanks for the rep but I'm really not :lol: xxxx
    7. Waterlily
      As are you :)
    8. Waterlily
    9. koekemakranka
      Thanks for the rep!
    10. Firedog
      Didn't think you would get it as they pulled the thread.x
    11. Zaros
      QUOTE:Well I'd like to thank whichever mod cleared the garbage off my wall without me even asking. Much appreciated.
      Be nice to have some drama free time in general chat.:Myshkin:

      I'd better go to bed now then! :sad:
    12. Spellweaver
      Thank you for the rep! Must admit to being a feminist myself - and having fought against all of this kind of crap treatment in the 70's it really incenses me to see that it is still alive and kicking today.
    13. Mulish
      I was in a bit of a silly mood but thanks for the rep!
    14. Zaros
      Morning Mysh.

      Just over to say thanks for the Rep Re: Men Bullying Women.

      Although a little irritation has surfaced because comments I made re telling truth/lies has been removed from The Any Old Cr4p Thread but the disgraceful closed thread still remains for all the world to see:angry:

      That's biased censorship if you ask me. Phuq the forum for assisting the mean and the liars!
    15. Zaros
      Hey Mysh.

      Comment highly appreciated. This mad harpy is clearly out to cause trouble anywhere and anyhow she can.

      And the worst of her behaviour is ridiculing Tinkerbell.

      She adds fuel to her fire by falsely supporting her insecurities and irrational thoughts in order to provoke her into posting even more irrational thoughts.

      I've always been of the mind that it is the duty of the privileged and the fortunate to take care of the not so privileged and unfortunate.

      I'll admit, I do have my moments of madness where anger and frustration overtake me, just as we all must do, but I refuse to let those weaknesses cloud my judgement and reasoning.

      Which ironically enough, they seem to be doing at the moment.

      Life eh. It will be the death of us all.
    16. Julesky
      Thanking you kindly, what a load of BS. :D- p.s MORNING!
    17. Picklelily
      Thank you for the rep. I agree many people are prejudiced on this issue and seriously offend me I do try not to be prejudiced. I like our mixed culture but the veil worries me.
    18. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep.
    19. tincan
      No worries , and yes i do remember ......... Thankfully they are few and far between lovely xx
    20. Dogless
      They will indeed come my friend..that's a mantra to live by!!!
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