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Mar 23, 2010
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    1. chichi
      Thanks for the greenie, Mysh :) Very kind of you x
    2. Flamingoes
      Course I do!!

      I'll be even better if these 2 cats could move off my chest...
    3. myshkin
      Der...posted on my own wall!
    4. Flamingoes
      My last name is dolphin (genuinely *sigh* ) so I'm okay if I sink a bit sometimes :yesnod:
    5. Flamingoes
      Just thought I'd come and examine you to make sure you were okay :yesnod:
    6. emmaviolet
      You're very welcome. It's funny but everyone with illnesses has a moment where she finally gets to you and brings you down, so welcome to the club!!
      Yep, it has to get better, it's always the darkest before the dawn! x
    7. welshjet
      :lol: thank you x

      It really done my head in today :)
    8. cinnamontoast
      Welcome: am fed up of the troll!
    9. Bloodraine5252
      Hopefully rebalanced your red rep out! Difference of opinion doesn't mean you deserve that!

      I do understand what you mean. I do think personal meanings for thins make things even harder to get your point across lol xx
    10. jenniferx
      Ah OK- I'm not sure what it is but sounds like you do! That's OK, I was just worried I was sending random strangers pictures of penguins! X
    11. jenniferx
      Hey Hun,
      Sorry to be a pest. I just wanted to know if you got a FB message from me yesterday? I *think* I sent it to you although it said something about being in an 'Other' folder. I've only been doing the FB thing for a few weeks- still haven't really got the hang of it yet! I hope I got the right person!

    12. Harveybash
      Yep! I've had so many you'd think I'd be used to them by now :rolleyes: lol x
    13. cheekyscrip
      just was worried I might have upset you..I cannot use those "phones" at all!:lol:

      I think it is age ;(
    14. cheekyscrip
      hi...posted pm..but no answer...
    15. cheekyscrip
      hi...let me know how are you...xxx
    16. Toby Tyler
      Toby Tyler
      Ha! I just started the Right Arse Club. Since you were the clever person who made me think of it I am extending an 'honorary' invite, even tho you've never had to go to the time out room. :D
    17. Zaros
      To be quite honest Mysh' I've grown quite tired of this life.

      The meanness here and the meanness outsíde of my front door.

      There is no rest for some of us and very little to ease our minds.
    18. Zaros
      I sincerely apologise for offending you and can assure you there will be no repeat performance after today.
    19. chichi
      Hi Mysh...I wasn't cross with you at all. I knew what you were saying. I just feel as though once banned (going by comments on a few recent threads here - not you) people think you have been nasty or god knows what else. I wasn't even given a reason for the ban. Just to "have a little break." I am quite angry tbh. I haven't broke any rules. I spoke out because I didn't like the behaviour that I was seeing by a couple of members. Some people seem to get away with absolute bloody murder on here and yet I get a "break" (which is really a ban but I didn't break the rules). It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, if I'm honest. I hope all is well with you :) x
    20. cheekyscrip
      been thinking of you and how you all are this autumn...hope weather allows you to enjoy outdoor...I am keeping my eye on you guys...x

      things here: a storm is brewing...
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