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mustang sally
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Jun 16, 2012
Oct 13, 2011
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mustang sally

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Jun 16, 2012
    1. mustang sally
      mustang sally
      5 - wow -lucky you. Our new pup is adorable - and so very very good. He is definitely not the 'best' specimin of a Rottie if you were thinking show standard - but is an absolutely beautiful person. We were sad to lose our big lad in the summer - but are so glad to have had the opportunity to give him a family to go to over the rainbow bridge - had he stayed in rescue he still wouldn't have people. It's very sad how many Rotts need homes -in fact very sad how many dogs need re homing - but lucky you with 5 of these lovely doggies xx
    2. Blondie
      I have 5 actually, lol! How sad you lost your rott so soon, but at least he ended his life happy in a home, I hate to think of them in rescue. I hope you have lots of fun with your new puppy though. Yes, I do show my younger boy and my oldest now and then as a veteran, the others are retired. Xx
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