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May 5, 2015
Sep 30, 2008
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PetForums Senior, from Birmingham, West Midlands

mummyschnauzer was last seen:
May 5, 2015
    1. MyMillie
      Hi mummyschnauzer, just popped in to say try and ignore the 'usual' argumentative bunch, I know its hard as they really get on my nerves, it's always the same old same old bunch :rolleyes: I'm certain they must all stand at a mirror and argue with themselves when theres no posts to jump in on PF... to me they are just a sad and nasty lot, a bunch of buzzards gathering for the 'nasty pickings' and no doubt in the future they will jumping on someone in a thread for leaving a dog in this situation :mad: ...... I have wanted to say something like this for sooooo long and I feel better for it :D I have to keep clear from joining the threads they are on else I would open up and get banned :D

      But anyway, I totally agree with all you said about the poor dog in Italy :(
      it would have ruined my holiday too :(
    2. Changes
      Also don't worry,, there are always a few people who have to have a go about something lol x x x
    3. Changes
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my thread x x :) I am grateful for your support x x x
    4. mummyschnauzer
      Thanks for replying you are about 45 mins away from me, you're in the Black Country. I think there is a dog walking session over at Halesowen which is in your neck of the woods, maybe you could ask the question on the open forum and see what happens. Your local Vet, Library might know. I know of one place, it is a training club, but they might be able to recommend something:-Coneygre Dog Training Club
      Town: Tipton
      Venue: Brook Street Community Centre
      Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays
      Activity: Kennel Club Listed Club using positive reward training providing Puppy Foundation Course, Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen and competition obedience
      Contact: Yvonne Green 01384 571408 Sue Brown 0121 568 7884 coneygredtc@aol.com

      Good luck in your search. Sorry that I'm too far away. Best wishes Frances and Alfie
    5. Lushie
      Hello, I live in Wednesbury but I'm not sure how close or not that is from you. I was actually wondering if there are any group Dog walks around the West Midlands area but I haven't managed to find anything although I'm terrible at searching for things, lol!
    6. springerpete
      Hi, just received your friends request for which I thank you and am happy to accept. Pete.
    7. mummyschnauzer
      Brilliant I'm an Aquarian born 10th Feb.
    8. Flamingoes
      Aquarius Dog

      Aquarius Dog is independent and a bit of a character. Friendly and sociable he looks forward to walks and meeting up with pals both canine and human. He is quick thinking and group orientated and will take to fly ball and agility work.

      Aquarius Dog has a tendency to wander off and will come back in his own time. He can be eccentric and eat strange things. He doesn’t like being fussed over.

      He has a well balanced and grounded temperament and is good with children and with other pets. He makes an ideal all round companion. He is not territorial so is unlikely to get caught up in disputes.

      Aquarius Dog makes a good hospital visitor to the sick enjoying the social contact and cheering everyone up.

      :w00t: xx
    9. Flamingoes
      PLEASE tell me where you got the dog star sign thingy from!! I NEED to read it :lol: :o
    10. weeziex1
      Hi ! I have a Dorkie she was taken from het mom @3 weeks because mom started weening the litter. I am Disabled so I'm always @ home. When I start getying dressed to leave so start's sitting up begging anf whining. What can I do short of giving perscription meds. for the rest of het lifr.
    11. Annabelschnauzer
    12. Reverie
      Great pics! You have beautiful schnauzers. :D x
    13. CharlieMoo
      I loved your pictures! I had a miniature Schnauzer before my Golden. She's a little Diva and I miss her lots. They are such amazing characters that make me laugh, so clever and daft!
    14. bevstretton
      Hi mummyschnauzer
      good to hear from you, better busier after xmas now, have another 3 vets wanting me to work alongside them, which is great for the dog have a wonderful new year
    15. Craig83
      Hi there! Sorry its been so long, been busy.... Misty is doing really well thanks. How are you?
    16. bevstretton
      Morning Mummyschnauzer
      Since your post in Sept 2008, l have launched my very own hwerbal products to help relief the discomfort from arthritis, muscle strain and excema, still working alongside vets offering homeopahty, have had many successful stories to share, have treated many dogs with back problems, have had Waltham write to say they can clearly see the health benefits, in using my products, am regularliy featured in Dofg World, by Eileen Geeson and have interest as far from Simpsoms and Dezynadog wanting to stock my pad treatments, first launched June 2009 and over 11 counties now selling them, also have some fantastic emails from customers re their effects on their dogs,
      Hoping to finding you well and busy also
      Bev at relaxingthyme.co.uk
    17. bevstretton
      Hello Mummyschnauzer
      Have just seen your article re first homeopath in 2008, since then have registered with pet forum, so what animals do you have?
    18. Craig83
      Oh no! Thats terrible! Im so sorry to hear of your loss.
      Misty is very well, good as gold and ace at puppy classes! Thinking about finding her some company, not sure what though....
      Hope you're doing alright....
      Craig :)
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    I work with young people in a care setting. I origanally came from Northern Ireland

    Love travelling, gardening, reading, crafts and all animals


    A Dog's love is unconditional! and wuff from Alfie Mini black Schnauzer, born 9/10/09. R.I.P Charlie, Harvey and Bobby.
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