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Apr 30, 2012
Apr 25, 2012
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Apr 30, 2012
    1. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      there are a few here on pf that could give you better advice, i can't remember them all, Madame gaza comes to mind but search around and you'll find some people here that are qualified in giving advice, hope this helps, remember to let us know how you get on, we are always here to talk, ok. ttfn
    2. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      i wouldn't shout at pup when he's being 'naughty', i would rather make him sit and say NO or Leave It. have you been stimulating pup, keeping his mind active, like playing(different toys so that he doesn't get bored), training(sit, stay, etc...). toy that he can chew on. i do hope you get things sorted, you'll enjoy dog when you do. i'll keep my fingers crossd for you. ttfn
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