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Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
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Sep 18, 2018
Aug 31, 2011
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August 22
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Mummy of Jaffe Joffer

PetForums VIP, Female, from Frome

Mummy of Jaffe Joffer was last seen:
Sep 18, 2018
    1. buffie
      I cant understand it either I love having fox families in the garden they have been around for over 10 years and never a bit of bother apart from remodelling the garden for me :rolleyes:
      I keep in touch with DB most days by PM she is rarely on the forum these days as you say she is a very busy lady,what with all the puppy and kitten farming she does :sneaky2: :lol: :lol:
    2. buffie
      Meeko has his own fox family resident in the garden,there was mum dad and 4 cubs but mum and dad seem to have vanished and the cubs(quite big now) only visit to be fed Sorry if this pic is a bit big :o

    3. buffie
      Sorry to read that you have been poorly,hope you are feeling better now.
      Yep he has a decent sized run in the garden which he took a while to get used to but then he seemed to settle although was happiest if he had a slave or 2 out in the garden with him.
      The problem was he kept wanting out the back door so we added a small enclosure round the back door(no room to build a decent run there) now he spends all day sat out in that and doesn't want to go in his run now :rolleyes:I think he likes to be able to come and go to suit himself,the run is detached so he has to be taken down and brought back in.
      There are pics in the "cat run" sticky on the cat chat site .
    4. buffie
      Hi, nice to see you around again :D Hope you and the gorgeous JJ are well
      Meeko was diagnosed with "possible" IBD around april last year,He has had every blood test going,xrays/scan /endoscopy and pinch biopsy done and all points to upper digestive tract IBD but without opening him up and doing full thickness biopsy it cant be proved.
      As you can imagine I am not keen to have this done,it wont cure it ,it will just give it a name :rolleyes:
      We tried hydrolyzed protein diets/single source protein diets/gastro-intestinal diets but Meeko fussy knickers refused totally to eat any of them so the sickness is being kept near enough under control with Famotidine(Pepcid) to control the excess acid in his gut , Purina sensitive control and :eek:(sorry hobbs) Sheba wet which does seem to help.He has good days and bad but seems to cope fairly well.
    5. lymorelynn
      Pasha has been sick a couple of mornings and nipples are starting to show :) The colours aren't really rare but seem to have fallen out favour a bit in showing - you see lots more tortie points these days. When queens call and you don't want to breed them they can go on the pill, you can use acupressure or you just have to put up with them calling. You can't leave them too long though as they are at risk of pyometra (womb infection) I've been fortunate with Mai Tai and Rosie as they both took a long break between litters - some queens come back into call within a few weeks :O
    6. lymorelynn
      :(oh that sounds awful for a support group :(
      Yes, still breeding - I have a chocolate point girl, Pasha who is one on Sunday and went to stud at the beginning of August. I am pretty sure that she is pregnant so hopefully kittens due at the beginning of October - chocolate and lilac points. Mai Tai has decided that one of her toys is a kitten and it has to be carried around everywhere and talked to :rolleyes: Hopefully she will help Pasha to look after her babies :)
    7. lymorelynn
      Mai Tai was spayed a few weeks ago. I had Rosie spayed too as she had trouble having kittens - she was a fantastic mum but only had two in her first litter and one in the second and such a hard time in labour I decided it was better for her. It is sad but I had to let her go :( She wasn't happy with the others, spent most of the time hiding away but she now has a fantastic new home where she is very, very happy.
      Squabbles here are on the usual subjects - the indoor/outdoor argument, bybs and pregnant cats :(
    8. lymorelynn
      My last kittens left in May but it was a very hard time as I lost two - one at 8 weeks and one at 9 :(:( They both had a problem which meant they were unable to digest food properly but it didn't show up until they were on solids. Thought one would be okay but she went downhill overnight and had to be PTS.
      On the brighter side, I took my new girl Pasha to stud last week and fingers crossed should have some kittens in early October :thumbsup: Mai Tai is now retired and being a pampered girl ;)
      PF has had its moments but seems to be calm again just now :cool:
    9. lymorelynn
      Good thanks :) How are you? It's lovely to see you back
    10. sarahecp
      Hello you :)
      I got your pm, I'll have a proper read and reply later xxx
    11. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D been busy with paws4paint stuff :crazy: & family stuff :( oh & that dam red cat :rolleyes: hope your all well x
    12. welshjet
      You welcome x
      It was soooo funny to read tho :)
    13. sarahecp
      Any time :)

      How's things with you?

      I can just imagine the amount of fur :eek: you could make another Jaffe :D knitting is easy, once you learn you can make all sorts and Jaffe can have his own designer label :D I watched a programme a few months back, can't remember what it was called, where a women was making jewellery and other stuff from her cats fur and selling it :D

      I saw your thread about the nipples :lol: the sort of thing I would do too :D I'm always checking the boys over for lumps and abscesses.

      Things are OK this end, my boys are sulking :rolleyes: they had flea spot on earlier, they both hate it, I'll get the Dreamies out and see what happens :D

      We had a little snow one day last week, none since but I think we've got more to come, have you had any?

      Can't believe it's Christmas in a couple of weeks, this year has flown by.

      What are your plans for Christmas?

    14. AngelEyes92
      You're welcome- sorry I pressed enter too early :O Meant to say it's the funniest thing I've heard today. You poor thing!
    15. sarahecp
      I'm sorry you're still feeling crummy :( I really hope you're feeling better soon :) I'm here if you need to talk or rant or just have a chat :)
      Poor Jaffe :( bet he's feeling better now :) my 2 don't suffer with furballs, but my last cat Tim did and he was a short hair. I'd imagine Jaffe gets quite a few furballs being long haired.
      I'm OK thanks, just not liking this cold weather :( I was wrapped up so much today and had so many clothes on I could barely move :D :D xx
    16. sarahecp
      Hey hun,
      Thanks for the rep :)
      How you feeling?
      Any more strokes with Jaffe?
    17. Treaclesmum
      Thanks, yes it is so hard to judge, you never know how a kitten will act until it starts going out!! I'm surprised that Pixie is such a good climber, when she is so small, but we have meshed off the back of the trees so she can't get over the fence!! ;)
    18. Treaclesmum
      Hi there, yes sadly I lost Treacle in July to a car accident outside my house :(((
      He and Jumpy were allowed out overnight when Pixie was little, as they didn't really want to share with her, but we never thought they'd leave the garden. My last cats were always coming and going day and night and the 19 yr old only died 4 yrs ago, so I thought my area was safe. :((( I have now fixed a lot of mesh in the back garden to make it mostly cat-proof, and luckily these 2 don't go very far but it was such a shock and we still miss him :(((
    19. emmaviolet
      hey there, i've done a pic thread of alfie today so you can see how big he is now, rough collies don't take up much space though, they love to slot into a space on the sofa!! its on dog chat!
    20. Kittenfostermummy
      Hey again hun xxxx Grrrrrr just had a couple of slices of nutella on toast and some fruit salad and now I am MORE hungry than before I ate them :(

      Have you managed to get some sleep??
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