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Apr 9, 2010
Aug 1, 2008
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Isle of Man
Am qualified as a Nursery Nurse but am looking for

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PetForums VIP, from Isle of Man

mr.stitches was last seen:
Apr 9, 2010
    1. Katie&Cody
      Hi you! How's you and Pippin?! Hope your keeping well x
    2. mr.stitches
      thank you! i think i must have gone on the old one x
    3. kristy
      which site did you go to, try this one
      Rescue Helpers Unite
    4. kristy
      not been on for a while, ill go and have a look and see whats up.
    5. kristy
      hi,about your post regarding fostering/help, have you tried rescuehelpersunite, they are always looking for help in every area.
    6. Fleur
      we haven't been for a while - cost at the mo! but we don't go to an agility club, but the puppy school we went to offers classes, they are open to competitors as well but because it's not a club it not competitive if that makes sense.
      When we got Lilly we had to make sure both dogs got time alone with you otherwise you do run the risk of them listening to each other and not you.
    7. Fleur
      Another rescue would be great - as you can get to know the other dog and makesure they get along before you bring him home.
      I love having 2 dogs, it is really hard work for the 1st couple of months but once they are settled in its more than double the fun for the same amount of effort. They make good company for each other when we are out.
    8. Fleur
      Zipper was a sort of rescue - we were looking for a Shih Tzu and we went to meet a breeder who had taken in an abandoned pregnant Shih TZu anad we fell in love with one of her Puppies. But Lilly we bought as an 8 week puppy from a private breeder. They are fab little dogs, so tolerant and loving.
    9. Katie&Cody
      Wow - gosh it's been ages since we've chatted - how are you? x
    10. jeanie
      Hi mr Stiches just thought i would let you know how the pulling is going , no change at moment, but i have ordered two canny collars as they are supposed to be really good and dont hurt the neck as you hold lead from the back of head not like a haltie from the side, anyway going to try these as a last resort lol there are lots of good reports about them seem to work for most people , will let you know when they arrive and have tried them ,take care jeanie
    11. Katie&Cody
      Aww bless you hunny!!

      Wknd been quite!! Getting all the housework done, the shed has been needed doing for a while and today i finally did it!! Lol!! Then i hoovered and washed the car... weeded the garden and replanted the pots...and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Hopefully tomorrow if i can be bothered, ill sort out the loft lol!!!

      What about you?

      Saturday we go away for a week to Cornwall and i cannot wait!! Lol!!
    12. Katie&Cody
      Hey hun,
      Thanks for the msg!! Yeah we are all ok, just chilled out really...we also went for a picnic..but it was soo cold...
      Cody sends love to pip... you'll need to take a pic of her pawprint..i bet you have so much fun!!!
    13. Katie&Cody
    14. Katie&Cody
      Hey hunny...aint spoke to you in a little while..how's things, how's pippin...when's her cut booked in for? Xx
    15. PARIS&TROY
      I can't blame you, really it can be well dodgy
    16. PARIS&TROY
      Hi Yes she is very very cute.
      Its a little freaky because I'm looking for a poodle to cross with my sprocker, I want a spandoodle. I've been looking for a poodle to rescue or some one to share with?
      Where did you get Pippen from?
      Jenni, Paris and Troy
    17. PARIS&TROY
      Mr stitches isn't the dog in the profile picture, is he?
      Pippen is the dog in the picture, worked that out after the 1st message, so same question other dog?
    18. PARIS&TROY
      Hello, Mr Stitches is very cute, what type of dog his he?
    19. Katie&Cody
      Thanx for the link, i was looking in completley the wrong place...lol!! Think i will get one on payday...love things like that!!
      It means a lot to me, she has been such an influence in my life and really is the best nan ever. x
    20. Katie&Cody
      Thank you for the hugs...you lovely person, you! :-)
      Couldn't find that thing at pets at home we were talking about, sniff!! xx
      How are you and Pippin? Doing anything nice this week? x
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    Isle of Man
    Am qualified as a Nursery Nurse but am looking for
    Im 28 and my partner and I recently rescued a Staffy X English Bull Terrier called Stitch. He was 2 years old, but sadly it didnt work out. Then, a week after he had gone, we had a call to say there was a 6 month pup that needed a home, and since then we have had Pippin!

    Horse riding, dog walking, going to dog shows, motorsport, cooking, eating out


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