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Mr Gizmo
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Apr 20, 2020
Jul 1, 2009
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Mar 18, 1967 (Age: 53)
That would be telling. :lol:
Little corner shop in London.

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Mr Gizmo

Body of a Buddah., Male, 53, from That would be telling. :lol:

Mr Gizmo was last seen:
Apr 20, 2020
    1. westie~ma
      Fully intend to but not counting my chickens quite yet, by goodness since Saturday I've been on cloud nine, mind you this is Welsh rugby so anything could happen .. ever the pessimist :lol:

      That's the beauty of this Welsh team, average age is 23, frightening when you think about it but its all down to regional rugby setups and the academies producing homegrown youngsters, as sad as I was to lose our club rugby sides when we went regional, they never produced players as young (and as good) as this.
    2. westie~ma
      Would LI want them though???? :lol:
      Martin Johnson looked a broken man after the game ... it was wonderful telly :p. Rumour is now RWC coverage is moving to ITV4 :lol:

      I tell you, this side of the bridge we don't know which way is up, not used to winning and playing consistently.

      Gawd, the irony tho, Ireland beat Australia to play us and we lost to SA, if we'd won that game we'd be top of the pool and in the other half of the draw, just for once they've had luck of their side :)
    3. westie~ma
      Enjoy your lie-ins now on the weekend ;)

      What the difference between the England Team and Mr T?
      Mr T ain't getting on any plane :lol:
    4. westie~ma
      Hello :)
      How did the boating holiday go?
    5. danielled
      How did you know my carer's dog was called Gizmo.:lol: only joking mate.
    6. willa
      Bat is OUT !!! Got the fright of my life
    7. willa
      Bat it OUT !!!!!! We got it out just now - got the fright of my life
    8. westie~ma
      They needed a win, huge relief all round. Yeah, poor bloke although he wouldn't be my first choice, seems weak and jittery. Gatland was trying stuff too, taking off Mike Phillips when he was playing well (a player who needs matches and a confidence boost, madness) no Adam Jones not even on the bench, sticking with Mitchell when the Ospreys have bombed him out cos he's not up to it and trying out yet another hooker when Huw and Hibbard are both fit. Thought your front row was a bit crooked at the scrums, do they know the rules about driving straight? :lol:
    9. westie~ma
      Hard lines on Saturday :D
    10. vickie1985
      you just push the new ones onto me, i will sort them out lol (sarcasam!) hahaha
    11. westie~ma
      You're confident aren't you? Blues always seem to go up a gear against us and Edinburgh are a handful. I've a bad feeling about the world cup with Gatland in charge, he did an interview for a French paper saying that he'd encouraged our players to move to France ... lost all respect for him lately, on the field and off it.
    12. Mr Gizmo
      Mr Gizmo
      Cardiff Blues,Edinburgh, Racing Metro.Not a bad draw should at least get a runners up spot.
      Watched Paul Hodgson playing for Saxons at the weekend and he looks in good form.
      Not to long now for the world cup.
    13. westie~ma
      Already told hubby I'm going to Venice while he watches Treviso. Like to go to Biarritz too but its a pig of place to get too, flights being difficult. Saracens is a London trip, we lost there last time.

      Our team is all changing as well, lost half of them I think :(

      Who the LI got?
    14. Stephen&Dogs
      I just saw your signature and thought i would just say.... I LOVE FISHING!!!
      My brother has a whole website dedicated to carp fishing home - Nuts about Carp
      I went carp fishing a month ago and only caught a 11pound common and a bunch of tench and bream I guess 11 pound is good for a first time fishing :)
    15. Waterlily
      visiting :D
    16. Eroswoof
      Consider yourself visited

    17. fessie
      great snow pic
    18. hawksport
      506 visits
    19. westie~ma
      Enjoy your rugby weekend, should be good fun!!

      BBC - BBC One Programmes - Six Nations Rugby - Episodes coming up
    20. Kiwi
      Lol & bug hugs to Giz and Candy from Sweetie and Kiwi!! :) :) xx
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    Mar 18, 1967 (Age: 53)
    That would be telling. :lol:
    Little corner shop in London.
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