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Apr 14, 2010
Nov 21, 2008
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porn star. no machine minder

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PetForums Newbie, from southampton

morris was last seen:
Apr 14, 2010
    1. victorianbullylover08
      hellooooooo lol :)
      hows u??
    2. akoshi
      thanks alot..!! loves your dogs aswell they are chunky aint they i mean in stature not weight lol

      thanks alot
    3. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Hello, that is my last name how lame, lol! We just joined on here give us a check sometime.
    4. sullivan
      John loved the wet fart.....Thanks morris you stinker you even left a ring mark on his trousers......yuck.
    5. MurphyMoo
      hi its katie im on grandads computer he said morris has a smelly bum !!!!!!!! legs heart from walking around town with dad! you have some cute pix of morris lol
    6. MurphyMoo
      haha you have the same 2 friends as me :laugh: x
    7. MurphyMoo
      hi steve how is morris? tell holly and harry that i said hi. c u soon i expect. x
    8. sullivan
      Hi bro Sonias Lauras cat was killed in RTA last night the white one that looks like Beanie bops. Shes distraught bless her. And shes just moved to a really quite area to her other cat is calling for her all the time. Is morris paw all better now. Im going to put some pennies in Harrys card for his birthday so he can get more TRAINS.... YIPEEEEE you say. See you soon love big sis. xxxxxx
    9. victorianbullylover08
      hey, i'm ok ta u?
      yeh she has lol i'm takin her pets @ home at the weekend so gunna get her weighed i'll take some more pics of her 2nite and put them on:)
    10. gillieworm
      Hiya, thanks for the message. No I wouldn't say Dalmatians are as mad as everyone makes out. They are a high energy breed that needs to keep busy so if you don't give them the excersise and training/stimulation they need then yes I suppose they would drive you mad :p But I suppose the same can be said for a lot of breeds.

      Both of mine are as good as gold and as we go training classes and go on really long runs everyday they are a dream to have round the home. They are however a bit of a spotty shadow, as they absolutely love human contact, so if you don't like being followed around they aren't the breed for you :D

      Your dog is gorgeous too, love the picture where he is asleep on the chair
    11. victorianbullylover08
      no is he hell! lol
    12. morris
      lab heh, that explains the muddy photo. They love dirt dont they , i used to have a choc lab he was a nightmare for getting filthy!!!
    13. louise5031
      Hey! Zach's a cross... mainly labrador but has some Collie/German Shepherd in him which has caused the ginger rottie-like markings! xx
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    porn star. no machine minder
    I am living in sin with my girlfriend we have a daughter and son and own a oldthyme bulldog. Of which is presently 7 months and into every thing.

    beer,sleep, repairing stuff my dog has managed to get his teeth into.
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