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Mar 13, 2014
Sep 20, 2011
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Milton Keynes
IT Helpdesk Agent

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PetForums Senior, from Milton Keynes

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Mar 13, 2014
    1. spaniel07

      I`m in the process of starting up a dog walking/home boarding business, I`m based in Didcot South Oxon.
      I would be happy to help if I can, I can supply references please feel free to pm with any questions.

    2. H0lly
      Aww, bit like screech from saved by the bell. That's what I compare Otis to :D will email her tomorrow and let you know. Have you got a email or facebook ? X
    3. H0lly
      I will ask her for you, and let you know. How olds Donnie and how is he with other dogs ?
      Like I say tho. If it's no good for her I'm free all the time lol. Yeah woofs are brilliantOtis is getting so big now :). Donald is a awesome name :)
    4. H0lly
      Hello you, I have a lady who is my dog trainer that Dora and Otis go to when i go out, Whens your wedding day ?

      If you want i can ask her for you or if you struggle i am more than happy to help out.

      Hope you and Donnie are well

    5. Mrs White
      Mrs White
      ...and of course the EBT x Staff, always a fun combo!
    6. Mrs White
      Mrs White
      Hi. The Boxer x EBT cross was a favoured one for many people: boarhunters in Oz used it a lot in the past and there's a Brazilian guy who based his protection dogs off this cross. It seems the blood gels very well. The Boxer x Staffy one can create some wonderful dogs as well. If I had the room I'd have a few of each lol
    7. H0lly
      Know how you feel, Words do not even come close to the love i have for these two. I love them over any human on the planet and so does OH, He's a big roughy toughy, yet i have found him various occasions watery eyed giving dora a cuddle, and when i ask him whats up he goes all gooey and states he loves Dora so much it makes him cry :) Bless him. dogs hey ! Mans best friend x
    8. H0lly
      Loonies :) Just love Donnie he is such a cheeky looking boy. I cried just talking about it today, Im going to try be strong as she will pick up on it. Cant have my poor baby upset, God what a great big wussy i am. Will post some updated pictures of the woofs tomorrow, They have got such a lovely bond now, its very cute x
    9. H0lly
      Ahahahaha Arnt they just the best :), Dora was the same 9 months old did her first bark and scared the life out of me ....and her , but this little blighter is a vocal little brat, But god i love em :). My baby girl got her spay booked on Thursday.Im so scared, i have got to take her on my own, and im going to cry my eyes out , i just know it :( x
    10. H0lly
      Ahhaha, Deal !!! , isit now i tell you that Otis' rear end honks ! the noise he makes when he lets one rip could actually wake the neighbours , Oh and he loves a good "yip" as i call them, Not quite worthy of being called a bark yet :)
    11. H0lly
      You wouldnt want Otis ,, He eats EVERYTHING, this morning he yacked up a sock on my pillow !! A sock!! , Lucky it came up tho, stupid woof LOL , Hows the Donnie monster ?x
    12. IndyGoJones
      Yes it is, more to do with certificates and classification but I am going to be doing some case studies on shock cinema :)
    13. sid&kira
      I have the stars, the skulls and black dragons on orange, they're the only orange ones im afraid
    14. sid&kira
      tonnes, probably easier to tell me what sort of thing you're looking for colour & design wise
    15. ballybee
      Lol thanks, loads of people have said Tummels much bigger than they thought when they meet him :) I'm kind of the opposite i think he's huge then i see him compared to something(admittedly it's usually the danes at the scottish meets) and go OMG he's so wee!! Lol he's got the height of a ridgeback but he's built a bit like a rottie, he's very very strong and muscley but he has tons of loose skin(i'm praying he'll grow into it) ;)
    16. H0lly
      Ha ha :) I would love to meet your woof, Need more pictures of him his ears are awesome :)
    17. olly2011
      yes :-) in like a brown faux leather bed! thanks
    18. olly2011
      hii this would be great! its under shih tzu in lincolnshire 4th one down. They are bichon x shih tzu £295 xx thankyou xx
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    Milton Keynes
    IT Helpdesk Agent
    Living in Milton Keynes with my fiance & rather insane dog.


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