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Aug 11, 2011
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    1. Dogless
      Thanks for all the 'likes' and support!
    2. springerpete
      Can you believe that post, a young dog being left alone the whole day. I hope to God they dont get the poor little sod. It'll end up a basket case and they'll be on here asking for help to sort out it's problems. I really do despair sometimes,
    3. springerpete
      I do wonder sometimes, what people think they're getting when they buy a pup. It takes time, patience and a little knowhow to bring on a young dog. Sometimes I just despair.
    4. springerpete
      Thanks for the 'Like' You know exactly what I'm on about. Dipsticks who think that good behaviour comes in a battery pack that you just plug in..
    5. springerpete
      You dont think my pic will upset folk do you? That wasn't my intention,
    6. Beagle Mafia
    7. springerpete
      You dont know my wife, there is nothing on Earth worth getting her dander up for.....Only joking, she's lovely, and as a nurse she's always able to treat the injuries that she inflicts.
    8. springerpete
      Re. picture. I remember that day very well, we were miles from any clean water. The little sod had to get in the back of my truck like that. Funny though, when my wife saw him it became my fault.
    9. springerpete
      Thats me, always take the easy option. It's usually the one that works best.
    10. springerpete
      It's crazy, It makes no difference what method you use as long as it works. The guys that I work my dogs with all tend to use the same pitch whistles and the dogs can get confused. I simply bought one that's nothing like the ones they use. Problem solved, Simple.
    11. springerpete
      Hi, thanks for the 'like. Dont you just despair at some of the crap people talk about dogs and training ??
    12. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      Awww thanks hun, thats great. Every little helps as they say :)

      I was suprised that the thread on primates got more support than the beagle campaign. I will not give up every animal is worthy of a decent life :) xx
    13. leashedForLife
      thank U very kindly for the rep - i think hubby's 'friend' is more of a frenemy, :lol:

      good thing he's HER hubby's buddy, not a friend of my family; i'd send him off with a bug in his ear. ;)
    14. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      I'm posting a thread today :) Cute photos and videos will be included xx

      I think we should all do it :D a thread about our dogs, what they like etc.
    15. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      Just wanted to say I really admire your efforts for aboloshing the labs :) xxx
    16. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep hun! Looks like there is now reason over one petition but now another not-thought-through one has cropped up. What is it about petitions at the moment?
    17. sarybeagle
      O not far at all, we go to training classes in frimley lodge most weekends, and pack walks are up ash ranges :)

    18. sarybeagle
      Hi just noticed you're from Surrey too and wondered which area, I'm Guildford based x
    19. BeagleOesx
      Tinker is gorgeous, how old is she? She looks so cuddly and funloving.
    20. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      Wlcome to PF I've approved the group membership. Tinker is beautiful All the best Gemma xx
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    “Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”
    Og Mandino

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