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Aug 11, 2011
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    1. Bella Beagle Mum
      Bella Beagle Mum
      I am new to PF but noticed your profile pic when I read a thread you posted in. As most Beagle owners seem to be I am bonkers about my new Beagle Baby Bella - she is our first Hound and is teahcing us just how different owning a Beagle can be, but she is adorable and already has her feet firmly under the table (or should I say on the sofa!!!)
      Any how as a fellow Beagle owner I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi.
    2. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep
    3. missnaomi
      Cheers - that website is a bit strange cos only part of it about trebiball - the rest is just a random dog training website?!

      You do sooo much cool dog stuff it's unreal - Tinks is very lucky...we don't have much going on around here!!
    4. missnaomi
      Did I read that you do trebiball...I had never heard of it, but googled it and watched a few youtube videos and have bought a gym ball...do you know if there's a UK website? I want to check out what you actually are supposed to do - it's not as simple as the dog herding the balls back is it? Thought we could play it for fun in the garden or something...
      Naomi x
    5. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      :D Just me then :lol: thanks for looking & your thoughts x
    6. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      :o Thanks :o do you think the pen is ok in the heading thingy :blink:
    7. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      What do you think of this :w00t: Im not sure about the pen but I cant seem to get rid of it :cryin: Paws 4 Paint - Home
    8. globalocal
      Thanks Moonviolet :) - I guess where we get stuck with the training is, if we're training in the garden, she's fine because a) she's used to all the smells in our own garden and b) there are treats so the difficult part is getting her to go away! The trouble is when we're in the woods, we still have treats, but because of the great smells, they become far more interesting than us or the treats. How do you correct a poor recall? Or, is it that going from the garden to the woods is too big a step for her.....:confused:

      I like the idea of hide-and-seek with the treats, and will also give the jumping thing a go too. Am I foolish to think that her recall might improve with age? :o
      It's just frustrating when you know other Beagles are capable of perfect recall - so the problem must lie with me and not the dog!

      Thanks again :)
    9. globalocal
      Hi Moonviolet - just after some Beagel recall tips? You mentioned playing hide-and-seek with treats on walks - is this how you started your recall training? Or did you use another method? Our Beagel Tilly is 17 mths old and less than reliable on recall - 'selective' is a good word! Generally very obedient indoors. Any advice on outdoor recall would be great. Thanks :-)
    10. xnatallyx
      Just trying to work out how to private message you!
    11. xnatallyx
      Hi, Sorry to hassle you but was wondering if there was anyway of messaging you. Was after a bit of beagle advice! x
    12. Malmum
      I completely understand how you feel, I feel the same when it's Mals yet I know what lil tykes they can be but I love them to bits and so wish I could re home when I see them not wanted. Like you say a dot on the cards this one from the initial "Stressed out" thread. Why don't people research breeds before taking them on? I hate the way dogs are so disposable to some people!
    13. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, I hope she find the poor lil guy a good home. Would have gone through rescue myself though!
    14. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      ho ho, good for doggie giving you kisses better, they are so loving at times, eh. glad you were ok and that knowone saw it happen, lol.
    15. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      jings what are we like, aye i was fine, lol. how are you after your encounter with the branch?
    16. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the like. you would think at my age i would know not to fall off kerbs, but after all i was paying attention to my lovely furry friend,lol. hope you are well.
    17. Coffee
      I'll keep you posted :p Tink would make a great big sister ;)
    18. Coffee
      Sorry, pressed 'post' too soon! Meant to add another ;) on there at the end!
    19. Coffee
      Lol, my lips are sealed ;)
      The breeders we had Alfie from are planning another litter next year
    20. Coffee
      Aww thank you, so nice of you to say so :) I do sometimes worry I'm turning into a terrible Puppy Bore but it's okay on here I think! My real life friends aren't quite so interested ;) Do you think you'll ever have a Dally yourself? I've wanted one for years, since I was a little girl, but it's took me to the grand old age of 37 to finally get one! :)
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    “Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”
    Og Mandino

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