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Aug 11, 2011
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    1. theevos5
      so true,as long as it's not in my back yard kind of attitude,springs to mind!I am starting to get cross again!!
    2. theevos5
      Well I was sitting there biting my lip last night at the nonsense threads that had lots of views and replys and this doesn't seem to spark a reaction,it's just sort of accepted.I ended getting myself in a twist and went to bed!! Thanks for signing,hopefully it will make a difference!
    3. Howl
      Thank you for the rep x
    4. Tarnus
      Thanks for the rep! Glad you liked them :)
    5. cinnamontoast
      No, the boys get a ton of attention, for sure. Shame I can't fit the horse in the back garden! It's a professional photo from him winning a show. He is currently filthy and covered in mud, proper disgusting little horse this week!
    6. cinnamontoast
      I had to send you a friend request: you keep stalking my posts! I feel a bit bad that I'm not putting the dogs on the card, but I'm not sure there's room for three and I couldn't possibly choose :o
    7. goodvic2
      Thanks for the rep hon. Means a lot to me for people to like it x
    8. Howl
      no problem x
    9. Pointermum
      Cheers for the rep :) As soon as i saw who the thread was by i thought here we go :rolleyes:
    10. Dogless
      Welcome; tried to rep you on the DA thread earlier too but apparently I need to spread it around!
    11. redginald
      Thought you might!
    12. DoodlesRule
      Love your new signature
    13. Milliepoochie
      Thank You for the rep - I get so angry reading the same old thing when if people had their own dogs under control 99% of incidents wouldnt happen lol So frustrating :-) x x
    14. Pupcakes
      You havent done/said anything wrong! So dw :) and youre welcome! xxx
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D x
    16. Bella Beagle Mum
      Bella Beagle Mum
      Your welcome hon
    17. Coffee
      You're very welcome, it was well deserved :D x
    18. Bella Beagle Mum
      Bella Beagle Mum
      Thanks for the rep
    19. theevos5
      Ditto,someone near me had approached me,she has 2 beagles,one boy looks like Alf and a tricolour girl,and she said that the girl was bossing the boy around and finding it hard to cope and did I know anyone for the girl,but this was the friday before we went to France for Xmas on the sunday,so it was impossible because of rabies jabs and lack of passport,anyway when I got back she had decided to keep them both and here they are
      if the situation was different I would have had her without hesitation.But am so glad that she has stayed with her littermate even though he is the image of Alf!!
    20. theevos5
      I love to watch them wrestle!I am jealous that you have one so close that you can see as often as you like,I would be inclined to steal her!
      Alf has different styles of plays with different dogs,so some they look like they are about to tear each other apart and others they bounce around and chase like pups.Mind you we have turned a major corner,he is starting to not be interested in playing so much now,but wanting to do more with me,this morning he walked away from a group of around 20 dogs to play hide and seek with me and he is getting really ball obsessed now,which is great for distracting him.Also fab for improving his recall,which again has been outstanding recently!Good job we never wanted the peaceful walk on the beach,doing our own thing kind of dog!
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    “Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”
    Og Mandino

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