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Aug 11, 2011
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    1. Bella Beagle Mum
      Bella Beagle Mum
      You're very welcome - it was well deserved! ;)
    2. Angie2011
      Your welcome hun :) you should sell them x
    3. Coffee
      He's a bit more himself today, not quite 100% but much brighter than yesterday :D Lol @ "pocket fluff", poor Tink :lol: x
    4. Coffee
      I'm food shopping tomorrow so will be making a list tonight and there will be baking tomorrow... will report back with the Spotty verdict ;) :D x
    5. northnsouth
      Thanks for my rep, just spotted it..
    6. foxyrockmeister
      Thanks for the rep :D
    7. Coffee
      Thank you SO much for those recipes, I am massively touched that you've gone to so much effort :D How did they go down with Tinker? Did she love them? :D xx
    8. Coffee
      Ooooh, sorry for the delay, I've only just seen your last message... you must have thought me terribly rude :eek:

      Aren't you lovely? :thumbup: Alfie would be no good as a fussy tester either, he licks the bin lid for goodness sake :rolleyes: x
    9. newfiesmum
      Thanks for the rep.
    10. Coffee
      Believe me, if that was an option here I'd have probably done it too :o but a. I don't drive and b. you know Alfie's issues in the car :eek: (that's next on our list!). My shoulder's been so painful and has been getting worse for the last week or so :( and I know the only way it will heal is if we get this pulling under control. Was also starting to get really fed up of the "amusing" comments from other walkers "who's taking who for a walk then?" (yes, you're hilarious :rolleyes:) as they trotted along with their perfectly behaved dogs while Alfie and I were re-inacting scenes from Marley and Me :rolleyes:
    11. Coffee
      Aww, thanks for the rep :D It's been so tempting just to think "oh stuff it, we'll be there in 10 minutes anyway" ;) but I knew my sanity and my shoulders would thank me for persevering! :D x
    12. Cleo38
      I know! That's what I found so frustrating last time this petition was circulated - bizzarre.
    13. Cleo38
      See I'm not against vivisection for medical research as such (although there I think improvements could be made), but it does wind me up when people don't understand why the are against things. I would always want to make sure I had read up on a petition before I just signed.
    14. Cleo38
      Would rep you for your post regarding the cosmetics testing changes (but have to spread it around more) - now that's what people should be interested in & signing!!! :D
    15. redginald
      No probs cheers for the advice !
    16. theevos5
      Hmmm,but it's a hard one to correct,training Alf is way easier than training hubby!Still trying 25 years later x
    17. theevos5
      was just reading about this lol
      The Facts | No Cruel Cosmetics
    18. theevos5
      love the make your own link,I do alot of that anyway,good old fashioned housekeeping
    19. theevos5
      Cruelty Free Shopping Guide: animal testing: companies and products to support/avoid
    20. theevos5
      Great idea!!! hopefully will educate a few people,will look for some links x
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    “Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”
    Og Mandino

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