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Aug 2, 2010
May 11, 2010
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PetForums Member, from Chelmsford

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Aug 2, 2010
    1. Momo12
      Hi Julie,
      Aw am so please for you & Rosie glad it all went well still ur a pro now aren't you lol
      you don't realise how small they are do you Boo & Sox doing great thanks and Geri good mum, my daughter came over sunday when they were a week old and she said how much bigger they were but when you see them everyday don't notice as much I spose well enjoy ur new little ones can't wait to see pics and congrats again well done

      Mo xxxx
    2. purrlover
      hi mo ....phew another birthing over with .. all seems to have gone ok so far , shes feeding the kittens , they look so lil compared to honeys lot .. hows your duo doing?
    3. sequeena
      Nope hun sorry xxxx
    4. Momo12
      Hi Julie, Sorry so long in replying had bbq for son in law and son's birthdays today, 25 people so very manic and with new babies oh well best get it all out the way at once i suppose yeh today been good both have gained 12 grams each and Geri eating and drinking so all ticketyboo rite now pics on now as well, so how are you honey and little ones doing all ok now i hope so spk soon time for sleep soon am so deprived.
      Mo xxxxxxx
    5. purrlover
      WELL DONE GERI!! , WELL DONE MO!! im so glad everything went well for you hows things going today ? ive not looke don the threads yet so i shall be looking for pics! lol speak soon , julie x
    6. purrlover
      hi mo ... the births werent to bad to be honest it was just finding those 2 on floor ... mind you im struggerling now ones not feeding at all .. the other 3 have been feeding all day ... i dont know what to ddo ive just put another thread up hope someone can /will help i saw about 4 drops of milk on honey thats all , hope she waits for you to get home xx
    7. purrlover
      hi mo ...any developments with geri? honey and her kittens are all settled down .. i on the other hand im stilll a little strung out~! lol hope its going well at yours xx
    8. purrlover
      oh mo ... i wont say it was easy but the births were ok .. it was just finding the 2 on the floor ..poor honey had no clue what to do with um ! shes doing ok now thank god! altho the kits havent fed yet , ill post some opics in a bit the kittens are stunning .. 3 with tails one without ...so im really chuffed to bits!
      julie ...sounds like geri may be near .. honey was lookinfg under cupbaords etc last night but other than that no clues ..when i came downstairs at 5 nothing ...she was eating her biscuits ... then at 7.45 to (nearly dead i think) kittens ...im still shaking
      julie xx
    9. Momo12
      Oh bless glad you both ok was getting a bit worried its all very tiring isnt it!! All still the same here as well, tho someone said on the forum last night to count 65 days from the day of mating, well tomorrow is that day so we will see, hope things get going for you soon as well, thinking of you both xx
    10. purrlover
      hi ya mo ... im good ta so is honey ... got nothing new to report tho ! its driving me a bit mad now to be honest... i got up 3 times in the night but she was there in utility just looking like what you doing looking at me?? hows things with you and geri?
    11. Momo12
      morning julie...i had a look at your website the other day actually found it very interesting, did you do the website yourself its very good. Well i just don't know what these mummies to be are up to i was up until 4am this morning cos i really thought Geri was in labour she kept pacing about going in the litter box howling at me this went on for about 3 or 4 hours then she went to sleep whats that all about!!! so again we wait well i think you will have time to get home if anything happens wont you i'm at work friday and saturday nights which is worrying me a bit but again i'm pretty close by as well so will see what happens fingers crossed its soon tho for our sanity have a good day spk to u soon mo xx
    12. purrlover
      forgot to say heres my website address if yopu what to take a look Ameeka Manx, breeders of Manx cats in Derbyshire uk bye xx
    13. purrlover
      morning mo .. well i set he alarm to wake up during the night .. nothing to report , Honeys is just the same this morning i suppose they like to keep us hanging on tho eh? .. im at work today but my teenagers are at home (they are sensible ones!) and i only work 10 mins away so can get home quick if and when it starts ...hows you doing? anything to report ? speak to you later no doubt have a good day xxx ju xxx
    14. purrlover
      hi mo ... dont worry about the camera i can understand with your new grandson ... aww bless yes i will keep you posted on honey , and then of course rosie ,julie x
    15. purrlover
      hi ya just wanted to say hello proper ! keep me posted on your mummy cat and the babies , im julie by the way xx
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    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Sox & Boo (born 6-6-2010)

    R.I.P Nandie miss you sooo much
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