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Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2011
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Yeovil, Somerset

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PetForums Senior, from Yeovil, Somerset

Mollyspringer was last seen:
Aug 16, 2014
    1. Cheryl89
      Had better weeks hun, Engel is going with my dog walker for the week as of today :( That's all I can say really :( been a tough weekend xxx
    2. chill6834
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. We have lost 2 dogs previous to Oscar over the years but both of them lived very long lives. Its the shortness of Oscars time with us thats difficult to deal with. I think you're right it will get easier but for now I look at his ashes and think what might of been.

      thank you Mollyspringer :)
    3. Cheryl89
      It will defo fit, it'll be going on today once I'm home from work, yippeeee thank you so much hun xxx
    4. Cheryl89
      Hun I just wanted to let you know thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for my head collar, I received it yesterday and you're a real gem - can't thank you enough xxxxxxxxxxxx
    5. Cheryl89
      Hey sweetie! She's in a disabled kennel at the mo but doing well :) I'm in Portugal ATM how's your girl Hun? Xx
    6. Hanwombat
      You're very welcome.. x
    7. Cheryl89
      Barely had good insurance hun, only covered her up to 2k ~(as kept it that way since she was a pup and never thought to change it :( ) so a very long, expensive road ahead. Apparently she has that hereditary disease Mum springers carry where the breeder we got her from never got Mum health checked, which causes they elbows to break/bones to break :( just unfortunately she done it whilst she was out with our dog walker at doggy day care :( xxxxxx
    8. Cheryl89
      Hey hun, just thought I'd let you know Engel sadly broke her leg yesterday and will need a bolt in her left one too .... been a really bad week :( xxx
    9. Cheryl89
      She's just turned 9 months actually hun! She's driving me up the bloody wall! roar!!!! Okay babe, she's back to being on the lead :( So glad you've been through it all lol xxx
    10. Cheryl89
      Hey hun, my doggy being really naughty all of a sudden :( not listening to a word I'm saying i'm getting so upset with her!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx
    11. Cheryl89
      Woohoo for springer owners sticking together hun!! :)) xxx
    12. tanglewood3
      Yes we go up Aldon a few times a week. We've tended to walk in the woods when it's been hot lately, unless we go later in the evening
    13. foxyrockmeister
      Thank you for the rep :D
    14. cinnamontoast
      Poor lamb! We use Easywalk harnesses or canny collars, the youngsters are like cats on leads! I have three, my older liver and white, Brig, nearly 9, the brothers are nearly two. The horse is 15hh, very chunky but not terribly tall!
    15. cinnamontoast
      Don't mind at all! Loving your girl, she's a match to my liver and white, pretty girl!
    16. izaseth
      Hi. I'm just outside Yeovil and walk up on Ham Hill as that's the furtjest I can get without Daisy being sick! Whereabouts do you go?
    17. Mollyspringer
      Hi Pete, thankyou for your message. I'm glad to report that Molly is much better this morning, looking for her breakfast which is hard because she can't have anything til this afternoon! I just knew she was very poorly yesterday morning and as you probably know, pups go downhill very quickly. The vet said it was a blessing she is so fit and healthy and is a big pup. 22kg yesterday! Poor thing, she slept most of yesterday but is very bright this morning, thank goodness! Hope your 2 are keeping you busy, thanks again for your concern, Ann
    18. springerpete
      Hi, Just saw your post. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, I hope he's getting over it by now, you must be worried sick. Please let me know how it's going. Thinking of you. Pete.
    19. springerpete
      Hi, I'm pleased that you're having 'Good times' with your dog, that, after all, is what it's all about. The boys are coming on nicely, although it's still early days, lots of work to do but I'm quietly optomistic that by next season they'll be ready. Take care, and keep on enjoying your dog. Cheers Pete.
    20. springerpete
      Thank you for the 'Like' Re. Skye showing off. He's doing pretty well considering I've only had him for a week. Mind, I'm very lucky in as much that I'm able to devote a lot of time to him and Flyte.
      How's your youngster doing, you must keep me posted. Take care. Pete.
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    Yeovil, Somerset
    Married with 3 grown up children, 3 gorgeous grandchildren and a gorgeous Springer called Molly.

    Walking Molly, reading, shopping.
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