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Molly's Mum
Last Activity:
Jan 12, 2010
May 22, 2009
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Molly's Mum

PetForums VIP, from Surrounded By Nutty Ninja & Crazy CC

Molly's Mum was last seen:
Jan 12, 2010
    1. leanne2479
      lovley boxers, x :O)
    2. reddogs
      Hello, goodness is it that long since I've been on

      We've been very busy and time has flown by

      The puppies are all turning out to be absolutely gorgeous, just won a 1st at a champ show with the one we kept, so well pleased with that. had one back for a couple of weeks whilst his owners had some space - 7mth old gobby boy :) giving them fun but he went back to them and they are much happier now as he got well and truly told by my lot how to behave :D

      How are all your pups?
    3. ninja
      im all good ta, although im gutted i have only just looked on here :(, xx
    4. Vixie
      Hi its lovely to see you here, its been a while since we spoke, I hope everything is well with you.

      My collie Ben passed away Friday evening, he was 16 and a half so things are difficult right now. Before that happened all was OK
    5. Vixie
      Hya hope all is well and that your boys results come back clear :) xxx
    6. ninja
      i bet it has, how are Molly and Tia?, guess CC told you i went down to hers, xxx
    7. ninja
      poor lad :(, how long till you get the results back? xxx
    8. ninja
      i didnt know there was a lump, when did this happen and what did the vets say about it, xx
    9. ninja
      she has said nothing! xx
    10. ninja
      im all good, you? you have been missed soooo much, xxx
    11. ninja
      well a very big hello to you :D, xxx
    12. DevilDogz
      missing yoooooooooou!!!
    13. crazycrest
      Where are you MM ??? xxx
    14. crazycrest
      You are just soooooo BAD xxx
    15. Akai-Chan
      I definitely will :) Thnkyou for your good wishes ^_^
    16. ninja
      well i am back but aint gonna talk to myself, xx
    17. ninja
      tea is ready, back soon if you are still about, if not another time, xxx
    18. crazycrest
      okay see ya then xxx
    19. crazycrest
      Yep will be on in about half hour, just away to feed the screaming mob lol xxx
    20. crazycrest
      Hello my lovely...oh ya know...same old same old!!!
      x x x
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    Mum to Max, Molly & little Tia- 3 Red Boxers.
    Max is 5 & half and Molly is 4, Tia was born Friday 12th June.

    My babies, totally spoilt and part of the family

    Looking after my brood:-
    1 Husband
    3 Boys - 18, 16 & 14
    3 Dogs - Max & Molly & Tia
    1 Cat - Jinx
    2 Hedgehogs ( who we nursed back to health and have decided to stay around in the garden)

    What more could I want - yea totally nuts!!!


    Sammy Gone But Not Forgotten x x
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