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Apr 22, 2015
Mar 28, 2013
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April 17

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moggiemum was last seen:
Apr 22, 2015
    1. ForestWomble
    2. ForestWomble
      Aww I love tabbies, but yes kittens are a hand full, but so worth it! :)

      I'm just getting through really.
    3. MoochH
      Thank you for the blobbies recently! you must have much power as I've jumped up the rankings :o)
    4. ForestWomble
      Hi moggiemum, how are you?
    5. westie~ma
      It's the fondant inside I like :o
      I need to lose a bit more weight :(
      You too, have a good weekend, this rain is doing my head in :crazy:
    6. westie~ma
      Not had any today, so 10 left :lol:
      I've had a rough week so gave in to temptation. When I got back to the car yesterday after buying them, I sat in the car and ate one. I've not had a creme eggs for YEARS, mainly cos they had shrunk so much. Used to eat loads of chocs but not anymore.
    7. westie~ma
      Sorry, my fault I worded it wrong. They're Cadbury's, I got at Tesco :lol:
    8. westie~ma
      Tesco creme eggs 12 pack for £2
    9. Jiskefet
      Thank you for the rep. People get distracted from the real issue so easily and tend to behave like lemmings running towards unnecessary destruction...
    10. ForeverHome
      Woo that's bright! Thanks for rep, hope it's all good and safe xx
    11. Malmum
      Thank you for the rep - people never cease to anger me when they out their children at risk. Poor little mite, God rest her soul. :(
    12. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep on the breastfeeding stuff :) I love that blog post, really helps keep perspective :)
    13. katie200
      Glad your all well :) hope your all having a nice Wednesday. Awww Holly agrees fluffy cloud cats great. Smokey thinks he is more entertaining. :lol: Hows both your kitties doing today?
    14. chillminx
      Many thanks for the rep;)
    15. nightkitten
      Thank you for my rep, have only just seen it! xxx
    16. katie200
      Awww bless them, smokey thinks he is a tiger too. Holly's more like a puffy cloud :lol:
      How are you all?
    17. Sophiebee
      Thank you muchly for the rep, hope you, the ankhstar and little susie sunshine are well, shes such a beauty Xx
    18. cheekyscrip
      thank you...I do appreciate your constant support..especially whenuou rhands are fullwith new baby,,how is the lil lassie?
      I waddled through the info and ??/will try the herpes meds...put acyclovir in his eyes -chemist sold it..because - it was for him..so hopefully it will help..if not:back to terrimic..but it did not seem to work? when abs not given? Must say Garfield has all the tricks to keep me blogg on...ears suck, vomits, ulcers, weepy eyes, sneezy nose...but in meantime he seems to have nine lives indeed!
    19. katie200
      Hi Moggiemum.
      Glad your weather has been sunny today. Aww how's your cats today? They look so cutie when they are all sleepy. Take care all of you. :)
    20. katie200
      Hi Moggiemum.
      Aww happy birthday to your sister. I bet it's hard not being there. But can't beat lots of time with cats. Thanks I sure am. Aww that's great you are great a poems. I bet Susie will really like that too. Oh no I hope your mum will be okay hunni (((hugs)) It's always a worry when family members are unwell isn't it. Yes animal are so cool and adorable, bless them.

      Ha! likely mind I wonder if Smokey just see humans as dreamie feeder ;) :lol: It's been raining and very windy here in Norwich. What's your weather like where you are hun? How's your day been?
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