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Apr 22, 2015
Mar 28, 2013
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April 17

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Apr 22, 2015
    1. Harveybash
      Haha that was funny :lol: sorry hun. Hope it goes ok! Oh and the thread is in general, think it's called what you looked like as a child or something x
    2. moggiemum
      whers the now &then pics thread, oh bother i cant do any pics yet i need memory card for my phone,i dont have a seperate camera.:( early nigh for u then or a power nap :)
    3. Harveybash
      Yeah I've had my implant taken out my arm yesterday and it hurts, so didn't sleep well. I think you should put pics up on the 'now and then pics' thread :) x
    4. Harveybash
      So glad you're online ... been really bored today lol .. no one wanted to play games with me hahaha ;)
    5. Harveybash
      Lol cute ay! Glad you're back hun :) x
    6. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hiya again ~ so glad that you like our Chatterbo thread in Games! Enjoy your evening out and call in again if you are able to or I will miss you loads xx
    7. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi ~ I just missed you in Games, as it is time for me to cook again :( so I hope to see you later on! :)
    8. K9Steve
      Thanks, I'll check out the games soon! :) I'm hoping they're not too hard! :lol:
    9. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi and thank you for your message to me. I hope that you are back online again soon! :)
    10. Harveybash
      Aww thank you hun. Can't wait! :D x
    11. Harveybash
      Ok hun, it's in cat chat. I won't have them till next week, cos gotta wait for the rspca checks x
    12. Harveybash
      Yep 2 furries :D Have a look at the thread I put up today when you get chance, there's photos :)
    13. Harveybash
      Hey ... where are you? Haven't seen you online in a couple of days .. hope you're ok!! .. I've got great news :) x
    14. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi ~ I have received permission from the Moderator's and so I just started the 'Chatterbox' thread in Games! Woo Hoo! :)
    15. K9Steve
      Thanks! How are you doing? :)
    16. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Thank you for your sympathy over my little G.P., Ricky. I hope you're having a lovely day, with sunshine? It is lovely and sunny in the North West of England today. :)
    17. paddyjulie
      Eughhhhhh I couldn't .. Think I would vomit :lol:
    18. Harveybash
      Ah ok thanks for the tip .. I'll try that :)
    19. Harveybash
      No :( My back is completely locked up, so I'm stuck in bed! Mum really enjoyed it yeah :) x
    20. Harveybash
      Hiya. What you mean last night? No, I went out in the day for my spa day and it completely wore me out so I had an early night lol x
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    April 17


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