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Feb 25, 2011
Oct 31, 2009
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Care home manager

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mitch4 was last seen:
Feb 25, 2011
    1. danielled
      Not seen you on here for ages hope your ok.
    2. Tanya1989
      Thanks love x
    3. CheekoAndCo
      Thanks :) Was from a walk we went on Christmas day. Was supposed to be going to a dog show today but the snow has other ideas :( Every time we've went to go to one it just starts to snow!
    4. DoubleTrouble
      repped you for that! you sound like you were cast from the same mould as me!
    5. danielled
      Even bettertoday. Going to carers today to see a dog she is looking after.
    6. danielled
      Feeling better today. Kepeing everythingdown and onlytook pan killers once.
    7. mitch4
      stay strong they will get to the bottom of it
    8. danielled
      Well doc is tryingto avoid A&E if we can given me anti sickness pills and strong painkillers and by god tehy work those pain killers are great. no change today though sadly.
    9. danielled
      I am not well again doc has prescribed some very strong anti sickness drugs she prescribed me anti everything lol.
    10. danielled
      Going to the docs on thursday morning and last time I went there which was last week I ened up in hospital.
    11. mitch4
      sorry to hear this, hope they get to the bottom of your troubles
    12. danielled
      I have had these health issues for a year nad we still don't know what is wrong and they were useless on that ward.
    13. mitch4
      im sorry to hear this what was wrong
    14. danielled
      I have been in hospital for the second time this year.
    15. henry
      No - she got it online. As for them saying it's happening after it leaves them, then obviously the packaging is not sufficient enough! That's my problem with ND - they always try to pass the blame over to someone else but at the end of the day, they have to pack something to it reaches the dog in a fit state for eating! Makes me so mad! Hope your new box is OK - are you getting it for free or a refund on the dodgy ones? Claire
    16. henry
      Hiya - just wondering how you got on with ND??? Friend has bought 4 boxes and all have blown packets from the new January 2012 batch. This is just not good enough!! Would you mind letting me know what they say? She is lodging another complaint.
    17. danielled
      Thank you will do a thread when I know if I got it or not.
    18. danielled
      I will do will message you think half the forum will know lol.
    19. mitch4
      fingers crossed Dannie, let me know if you get it x
    20. danielled
      I'm ok waiting for a certain phone call to find out if I got a voluntary job at Ordsall Hall.
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    Care home manager
    I own 6 schnauzers 3 Standards 2 girls and a boy and 2 Miniture girls and 1 miniture boy. We have just started to breed with our girls under the guidence of 2 very experienced breeders in the feild of Schnauzers, we have had one litter to date with Molly and kept Mabel from this litter

    Schnauzers, walking, socialising
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