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May 18, 2015
Aug 5, 2008
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Aug 5, 1988 (Age: 31)

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PetForums Senior, 31, from Gloucestershire

mistymilo was last seen:
May 18, 2015
    1. foxyrockmeister
      Congratulations for winning this week's photo competition! PM your chosen theme for next week's comp when you get a chance :D
    2. rhu115
      Hi how do you post a private message to a member
    3. hairydog
      Well done for winning, fabulous photo, but i missed the first 2 photo competions, and not sure what this 'rep is' dont want to miss out and offend any body, can you please explain. X
    4. portiaa
      Hope you don't mind me looking through the photos of your dogs, they are beautiful!
    5. hairydog
      hi, i love your borders, hope you dont mind, but i had a look through your photos after reading about your dog charlie.
    6. tashi
      Have to catch up soon, will be at both WKC and SWKA with the borders also Paignton cant remember which others Jen said

      off to bed now speak again soon
    7. tashi
      he had a third but a big jump for him from junior to post grad and only 2 days out of junior, his cords are really not well enough developed yet for a post grad class
    8. tashi
      Only the daughters puli, cos of me being not good since Crufts but have started entering more shows with more of them now, also be at a lot more shows with Jen this summer, think the next one I am handling for her is Windsor
    9. tashi
      Only came out of hospital on monday after an op so wasnt really supposed to be showing, but Fflur only likes me lol and I love her
    10. tashi
      yep thats right, my daughter ran her when we had to go round the twice, thought that may be pushing it a bit
    11. tashi
      yes I had a pale blue waistcoat on,
    12. tashi
      believe we missed one another today, we were actually in the same class at Bath :-(

      BTW well done on your placings :thumbup:
    13. sketch
      Really good ta, Libby is getting beter by the day, but still teeny weeny haha, she hasnt put any weight on for months, so i reckon she will just be a mini BC haha.
      Training is coming on well and she now has 3 doggy friends aswell as my boys.
      i put some piccies up in dog chat, called fun times at the park, so you can see how she is haha
    14. sketch
      Hey Hun, hows things going, hope you are all well
    15. Brackensmum
      Ahh that's awesome, theyre all beautiful, too!
      We're unsure if Bracken is a cross as half of his paperwork from the centre has collie written on and half collie cross? what do you think? not as it really matters, would just be interesting to know!
      He has all sorts of strange behaviour going on at the minute, he was perfectly house trained for the first 2weeks, this week all of a sudden, he has decided to go to the loo in the house?do you think this is related to his op? sorry to bombard you with questions - i didnt realise so much went into being a dog owner! All good fun though :)
      How old are your dogs??do they all get on?
    16. Brackensmum
      Wow, i've just looked at your photo's, are they all yours?! you must never stop!!lol.
      Thanks for the help and advice, maybe once we get a bit more used to each other and he gets better with other dogs i'll take him to some classes :)
      He's just been neutered so i'm wondering/hoping that will help some with the aggressiveness towards dogs.
      Happy walking :)
    17. Brackensmum
      Ah yeah, currently in churchdown but i go mountainbiking in the forest from time to time, have family in ross so try and pop in before/after visits!
      Bracken is 18months and we got him from a rescue centre, alot of people have told me collies need more to do than just long walks, and play....certain interactive games etc?
      currently i'm trying to address his recall, barking, and behaviour towards other dogs, having said all this, we've only had him a few weeks, trying to run before we can walk, perhaps? thanks
    18. Brackensmum
      Hey :)
      Just getting a foot in on the good local walks front, (am also from Gloucestershire) and also wondering if you have any general collie advice? i'm a (probably over-protective) first time owner and am trying to do everything to make him a happy boy! Many thanks x
    19. WoodyGSP
      P.s Do you mind if I befriend you so we can swap local knowledge(good walks etc).
    20. WoodyGSP
      I thought you might be. The blue bells gave it away. My MIL lives near newent and her family all live in the forest, (Newnham and surrounding areas). I love forests/woods. I wish I had some woods on my doorstep. I get a bit bored of flat fields, although I've got the river which is nice.
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    Aug 5, 1988 (Age: 31)
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