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Nov 11, 2012
Dec 27, 2009
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Dog Groomer

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PetForums VIP, from Scotland

MissBexi was last seen:
Nov 11, 2012
    1. trixiemixy

      Thanks for the message that was really kind of you. I think I may take you up on the offer to chat about it with you.

      I'm off to bed now so will chat to you tomorrow but thanks again x
    2. portiaa
      How's Kyle doing? :) x
    3. Petitepuppet
      Hope you dont mind me asking, but how did you get into grooming? Did you take a course, if so, which course?
    4. portiaa
      I've Pm'd you as I tried to write a visitors message, but your only aloud 1000 words and my post came too 2223 words :o :)
    5. Petitepuppet
      Shona said that if you were the Becki she was thinking of, you are lovely:). Yes Benny is a ARC dog. We have him as a foster. He came into the centre in a real mess and I had to just take the clippers to him and shave it all off. Keep saying to Shona that I would like to have a go at giving him a proper hair cut but worry that I would make a mess of it and not a good idea when he is looking for a permanent home..
    6. Petitepuppet
      Sorry just noticed the rest of that message just now. We dont take Dora to get groomed but Benny could do with giving you a visit:P. Any chance you are the Becki who used to help out are Arthurshiel? Shona who runs the centre thinks you are that Becki x
    7. NicoleW
      Not when it's covered in poop it's not!! At 15 I would've got a rottie, always wanted one but now my OH doesn't particularly like them so doubt I'm ever going to own one :(
    8. Milliepoochie
      Thank You for your lovely comments on Millie, she looks big but she is only 19Kg and knee height, just a ickle dog really :-) Thats fab you have family who will dog sit :-) Sadly I dont have anyone near us atm who can - my family are all 150 miles away but my OHs sister may be moving in with us in a couple of months which will be ideal for Millie so she can stay at home when we go back to Poland :-) Have a lovely evening :-)
    9. NicoleW
      No point in posting, I can't really take it seriously and it'll be talking to a brick wall. A 15 year old owning an Akita, fantastic. I LOVE your pooches btw, don't see many of 'em about.
    10. Milliepoochie
      Hey wanted to send a message in reply to your message in my Honeymoon thread! :-) Yep we are completely bonkers - we are marrying, honeymooning, OH new job, moving house all within 6 weeks! :-( I think once we finally get to our new house we will both be ready to collapse! :-) As my Fiance is Polish we are getting married in poland so he always knew our honeymoon would be dog friendly :-) I couldnt leave Millie in Kennels any longer - We would never be able to relax without Millie there :-) Some people have thought its 'sad' not flying off somewhere romantic and exotic but those people really dont know how much Millie means to us. I cant wait to walk Snowdon with her :-) Best of luck if you need to convince the OH about dog friendly Honeymoons to hehe :-) x x x x
    11. Petitepuppet
      Just noticed you work at scallywags groomers. Is that scallywags in innerleithen? If so i'm not far from you :).
    12. DoubleTrouble
      Hello Bexi
      The dog is in Grantham
      Honestly - he is a cracking guy!¬ fantastic nature - wants to playwith all the dogs and to fuss everyone!
    13. Beau-a-saurus
      She looked so sweet clipped, kinda cute but embarrassed - I love Beau long and fluffy :O) - he luckily doesn't mat too badly except in a couple of areas but I find his fur grows quite quickly as I have to scissor him almost every week to maintain this length, I haven't done it for two weeks now and as he has been out in the rain he has gone all soft and fluffy!

      I would love to see how you go with Bailey - good luck if you go ahead!
    14. Beau-a-saurus
      Oh gosh, thanks for the extra photos! they are so gorgeous!!!!!
    15. Beau-a-saurus
      Hello, from another Beddie fan :O) just wanted to say I love your albums - gorgeous dogs! Beau is not quiet so fine boned and pretty, he is a rescue from working lines but has a lovely Beddie bouf!
    16. CheekoAndCo
      There was 2 bedlingtons at the show today! Random but thought you would want to know haha :)
    17. Prof_Monty
      Hi MissBexi,
      I have allergic reactions to most dogs, but whilst looking for a suitable dog we coincidentally 'met' a Bedlington whilst at a hotel, I had no ill effects, and both my wife and I adored the little girl. The owner had rehomed their Bedlington from an online rescue site, so when we got home we contacted the site (Bedlington Terrier Rescue and Rehoming Index Page) and were added to their list. We waited a good few months before receiving a call, telling us of Monty (blue, dog, just under a year old). He's a lovely little chap and we are incredibly smitten with him.
    18. Prof_Monty
      Hi MissBexi,
      My wife and I have just 'rescued' a Bedlington Terrier, you are the only other petsforum member I have seen so far who has a Bedlington (or two in your case) so thought I would say Hi.
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  • About

    Dog Groomer
    I am Becky, I am 21 years old and proud “mumsy” to my Bedlington Terrier's, Suki and Bailey. I work in a pet groomers, Scallywags, in Scotland. I love my job, yes you get the occasional “I don’t wanna get groomed today” dogs but most of them are generally well behaved. lol.

    Suki is now almost 2 years old and still as daft as ever. Her partner in crime, Bailey, is 1year old. And is in fact probably dafter than Suki.. Hard to imagine. lol.
    I joined here when they were babies, now they are getting older. Time sure flies... lol
    Hoping in the future to get an English Bull Terrier and for me I would like a Chinese Crested, Pom, Finnish Lapphund, oh I can't decide. I need to win the lottery..

    Thanks for looking at our page,
    x x x

    Me, fiance and the pups all curled up just relaxing,
    Dog Grooming,
    Music and just the usual stuff..





    R.I.P too all the Pet's I've loved before:
    Tigz, Gizmo, Nala, Fluffy & Tigger ~ Cats
    Muffie & Goldie ~ Labs
    Thumper ~ Rabbit
    Munchkin, Peanuts & Hazel ~ Guinea Pigs
    Mickey & Buzz ~ Hamsters
    Harry, Butterfly Tail, Whitey, Golden, Big Harry & Mini ~Fish
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