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Mar 16, 2013
Aug 25, 2010
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Auditor / Crazy Cat Lady as I'm affectionately kno

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PetForums Senior, from Northumberland

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Mar 16, 2013
    1. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    2. Paddypaws
      Hi, you should be able to get it in a chemist but might need to ask around a few, or even go online for it. You really only need a couple of drops, but it can be used to clean hands and on surfaces afterwards. The other thing I added was a couple of drops of Citricidal which again you can buy online for around a fiver, only a few drops though as it is strong stuff. You can get a cheap soft baby toothbrush in superdrug or similar shop. Make sure all her food and water bowls are china or glass not plastic.
    3. buffie
      Hi .So glad you have your kitten and that it has all been ok.After all the "stories" that have been told on here of folks buying from BYB ,the minute someone sounds as if they could be getting drawn in the good folks of the forum will try to point out all the "dangers" incase there is a problem.Looks like your kitten has been reared properly,and she certainly is a little cutie.As for the cat with nerve damage I'm afraid she was eventually PTS.Here's the link to the thread http://www.petforums.co.uk/cat-chat/180298-help-needed-cat-involved-rta.html xx
    4. buffie
      I can sympathise I would love to have a "friend" for Meeko but I just dont know whether it would be wise,with his behaviour issues it might just tip him backwards.You dont have that problem by the sound of it so as long as you know you will all cope then I have to say go and get her.My only other advice is to ask lots of questions,make certain she will come with all her paper work ,pedigree,registration (pink slip)and all necessary health tests have been completed,vaccinated and at least 12/13 weeks old.Im sure you know all of this but I would hate you to make any mistakes and end up with problems.Good luck, and let me know what you decide.
    5. buffie
      Meeko is doing well .He has settled down a lot and is much less"bitey" thank goodness.Good to read that Tilly is ok.Its something no one ever thinks of after the "injuries" heal,its not always the end of the problems :(.Hope her new meds do the trick.There was another poor cat with similar nerve damage to Tilly's just a couple of weeks ago.I hope you dont mind but I linked "Tilly's story for them to read.I think the cat is still at the vets as owners were going away for a week.Havnt heard any updates.Have you decided yet on which breed you might have.Considering how vicious Meeko was he is "mostlty" a big soft cuddle monkey.Loves to be picked up and carried and flops about all over the floor .Ive tripped over him a few times ,he is a bit like a water balloon when you try to pick him up,not that Im trying to convert you to Raggies;)
    6. AngieB
      Thank you hun, to me she is looking a lot brighter ok still ill but her tail is wagging her eyes are bright when she sees me daughter, just gotta hope she keeps it up tonight coz if she goes downhill then we r calling it a day 4 her sake as she has been through so much x
    7. Dally Banjo
    8. Taylorbaby
      p.s. you look a bit like my sister!!
    9. Taylorbaby
      awww bless! :) glad she is feeling better, its SOoooo worrying when they are ill :(
      lol that isnt the top word id use! hardwork, worry, worry, no sleep are wayyyy up there lol!! :D :D :lol:
    10. Taylorbaby
      hay no probs :) :)
      how is the baby today? :)
    11. buffie
      Thanks for the rep :)
    12. dougal22
      Thanks for the rep. I had an incident with my young cat peeing on my duvet as he sees this as his space, and doesn't like the kittens on my bed. Simple Solutions is a godsend and I've used it on cat vomit several times since as well and there's been no 'repeat' soiling which can happen if the smell's still there. Good luck with Tilly :)
    13. buffie
      The day was as I expected,ruled by the paw of a ragdoll kitten lol.He had a great day while we all cleared up his carnage :lol:Hope you had a great day. x
    14. buffie
      Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2011.Buffie & Meeko x
    15. AnnaK
      Sorry about your back, I hope it is nothing serious. Ella and Belle are good, Ella has decided to start eating again and Belle is good, a bit cross because she wants to go out at night at there is no chance of that happening! Certainly not at 8 months and most likely not ever. They are very happy with the cat tree and take it in turns to sleep in the hammock, if it had two hammocks it would be perfect. We were watching a nature doc the other night and Belle was transfixed by some birds, it is amazing how they know.
      I am glad Tilly has ventured into the little house, if I was tiny I would happily live in it!
    16. AnnaK
      Hello Beth. Thank you for your message that was very kind. I do feel that I am finally getting better, I have been eating very healthily and it has made a difference, I must remember that biscuits may taste good but they have no nutritional value! How are Tilly and Pixie, has Tilly ventured onto the cat tree yet?
    17. buffie
      Fingers crossed this ends well.
    18. buffie
      I've just read your post on Kelike's thread and hope that you dont feel that I have forced you back into a dark place.You sprang to mind as soon as I read about Twiglet and just wanted to give her some hope.
    19. buffie
      Thank you.:)I would hate to see twiglet PTS on vets advice when there may still be hope.
    20. buffie
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    Auditor / Crazy Cat Lady as I'm affectionately kno
    I'm a 26 year old girl with a passion for animals... cats in particular!
    I work in banking as an Auditor/trainee accountant but I also 'work' full time as crazy cat lady as described by friends and colleagues ;)
    I've grown up with many cats and as soon as I bought my first house I got two beautiful farm kittens. I now have three furbabies and my Mam and Dad have four. In my opinion, a house is not a home unless a cat is there!

    Spending time with my cats, family & friends.
    Socialising, reading, pampering myself, having a nice glass of wine after a hard day, living in my PJs when I'm at home, meals out, cosy nights in, takeaways (pizza in particular), shopping for clothes, handbags, shoes (typical girl!)


    Self confessed crazy cat girl

    "If we treated everyone we meet with the same affection we bestow upon our favorite cat, they too would purr" - Martin Buxbaum

    "Time spent with cats is never wasted" - May Sarton
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