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Apr 22, 2015
Jul 13, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Canada.

Miss.PuddyCat was last seen:
Apr 22, 2015
    1. Sylvestris Kennels
      Sylvestris Kennels
      Thanks - thats a great picture of the cat on your homepage - i it yours? I tried for 5 mins to make it blink before I did but still lost!:(
    2. Mese
      Games - my lot like to play fetch , football , they chase frisbees (low to the ground) run around underneath a kite (good fun for the dogs and my Grandkids) ... and I want to see if any of them would like scenting , but im not sure how to go about that one
      Home training - watch me (teach them to look at you and not look away) ..... Treat under a cup (three cups & they find the treat).... give a behaviour (this one you just sit there with a treat , and each time the dog offers a behaviour , such as sitting , standing , paw , kiss , you give them a treat ... dont ask for a behaviour , the dog chooses to do it , it makes them think)
    3. Mese
      I wouldnt say you need more than one ... for years we only had Buddy (our old BC , now passed on) and he was perfectly happy on his own
      Mine get three , one hour walks a day , and a one-on-one training session with me on the field each as well , we also do some mental games at home , by the evening they are usually too tired to do much more than flake on the floor and veg out , lol
    4. Mese
      Thanks hun :)
      No I dont go to obedience or agility or flyball ... I bought some hurdles and a tunnel , and they 'play' with those once a week on a field near us , but tbh they arent interested , they just love chasing each other all over the place , lol
    5. ShannonLouise.
      Haha, i love your "Birthday Bash" Album :) I Was thinking of doing the same for my Mia shes 1 on Monday x
      Fair enough, not in my book it wasn't. There was also another incident regarding a you tube video with very "questionable" training techniques recently. The Mods received alot of complaints. I note your opinion though.
      It may have seemed so but this member "rescued" a bitch and bred from it previously so it was a reasonable statement to make :)
    8. katie200
      i agree they do make you smile your cat sounds like a little night mare but i bet he has his cute moments smokey has a cute moment i had my dads mum over and she likes cats and i gave her some sweets for them so she called him and he jumped up on his back legs and took the sweet so nicely it nealy blow me over
    9. katie200
      yer she do have lovely eyes and smokey is a bit of a handful but my life wouldnt be the same with out them i love gray cats my fluffy was gray and white and he just seemed so sweet your cats are really sweet there lucky to have you
    10. katie200
      yes she is and she is lovely and funny when smokey jumps out of the windeow she stands on her to legs a waves to him it realy sweet i got holly because she an indoor cat but she has got out befor and i ve spent untel midnight trying to get her in lolbut i do love her and smokey he better tempered to me now whe did have a hard start with that one but with holly when i first got her from a breader she didnt know what a indoor room was as she was kept out side in runs they had 500 cats and she just hid in one of our game boxies it did take a while to get her to come out of her shell but she lovely now and she like water because i bathe her every month so her coat stay nice andshe like it so that good no more biteing lol
    11. katie200
      well this year isnt been a good pet year for me as i lost my cat fluffy he was 13 yr just befor christmas then our other cat snoopy a few month after and then kandy a few month after that they where all old i had had them since i was 7 and it kills to lose them and i think the one that hit me the hardest was fluffy as he was my cat and after he died i couldnt eat or sleep and my doctor said i lost that much wait though it if i didnt pick my self up i could die and at the time i didnt realy care because i loved him that much but i have sisters and couldnt put them though heart ark like that so i got another kitty but it will never stop me missing fluffy and our other two i hink pets make my life i want to do cat fostering when i move out of home but dont know how to go about it yet i think you cats are lovely so cute
    12. katie200
      awwww thanks i know it was i was so mad and cant stand her i hope she just gets better and better so she can play like a nomal pup as for now she cant run around the garden without a harness and lead on because she falls over and shes such a loveing little puppy she gives kisses everydoy i hope she gets better as if she reaches a year old ad cant walk or keeps falling then the vets say she will always be like it its sad realy as we got her to take away so for the pain of missing our other lab kandy that died this year at the age of13 i though we where going to have to put jessie down i feel so lucky we didnt have to go though that agan
    13. katie200
      well my neighbour got into my back garden and hit my pup and a few days after she couldnt walk on her front legs and we took her to the vets and they have never seen a 5 month old pup go like it so they sent her to an animal hospital and tested her for everything and they all came back clare apart form trauma in one of her test so they gave her phyotherpy and she has to have 6 littles walks a day but she can now walk a bit better but she still falls over some time we are keeping aur finger crossed she make a full recovy but at least she home
    14. katie200
      awww holly and smokey loveing being comented on lol and yer jessie is a lovely pup and she realy on the mend now as she hasnt been well thanks for the coments
    15. katie200
      awww you have lovely cats
    16. Colsy
      Thank you for you lovely message.
      It means alot thanks x
    17. CheekoAndCo
      Did you figure it out?

      He's great. Had his first night at ringcraft last night and done really well. Right now he's barking at me for using my laptop. Sometimes he's a bit :out:

      Poodles are rare to see out and about. Not mant seem to have them but suppose that's good because of the care their coats need :D
    18. CheekoAndCo
      Not got round to making it yet because my pics are too big :( Not really got much advice for making one because I'm pretty bad at it myself! I'll have to have a look on google for ideas.
    19. CheekoAndCo

      Thanks. I've actually only got 4 piggies now. The white/blondey coloured, short haired black and the white with red eyes have passed away. They were my first 3 piggies. I actually need to make another sig because I've got another fur baby! Your cats and birds are lovely. We had 2 budgies but Cheeko our dog hated them so had to rehome them.
    20. Miss.PuddyCat
      Thanks so are yours in your picture :)
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    Cats-Decker, Horris, Soda Dog-Sophie
    Rest in Peace Kira (cat)2011
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